What’s happening at the Library: Self-Love Day

Published 3:53 pm Monday, February 12, 2024

By James Gardner

Clark County Public Library

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, which might be exciting to some while also stress-inducing to others. Like any holiday involving gift-giving, Valentine’s Day comes with certain expectations. Now is not the time to settle for a small card and, if you didn’t shop at the absolute last minute, a heart-shaped box of chocolate that’s roughly the size of a saucer. According to many greeting card companies and chocolate manufacturers, this is the one time of the year where you get to show a special someone the depth of your feelings for them, a statement which conveniently ignores all the other holidays that have gift-giving as a tradition, and woe to those who get their special someone a terrible gift that will eventually unravel the relationship.

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But let’s all pause and take a breath. 

First, consider giving a gift to yourself in honor of a holiday that is just as important as Valentine’s Day. That holiday is Self-Love Day, which is on Feb. 13th. 

Keep in mind, I’m not talking about selfishness or simply ignoring all that you have to do. Just take a moment in your day to realize that you also need care. While kids have to be dropped off at school, perhaps with a sack lunch you just made them, find some time in the morning to enjoy a cup of coffee or listen to some soothing jazz (or even death metal, if that’s what boosts your mood). Check out a yoga or tai chi DVD from the library to rediscover your zen (or catch a classic sitcom from our collection). Take a moment out of your day to pamper yourself. Go ahead and take the complements of how well you are handling life and keep on handling life, knowing that you are fully capable. 

And for a gift? Try a dinner out or you can check out a cookbook from the library that will let you spend an evening alone with who you love. 

And don’t forget to breathe.  

Take care of yourself, everyone, and take some time to enjoy these library programs: 

  • On Tuesday, Feb. 13th, at 6 p.m., Ron Kibbey’s Comedy Classics will feature a 1946 film starring the infamous Bowery Boys. Slip, Sach and the Bowery Boys are trying to help raise money for Louie’s Malt Shop when they accidentally get involved in a bank robbery. Sach is mistakenly thought to be the robber and the boys go to work to prove his innocence. Preceded by a cartoon. Popcorn and drinks provided.
  • On Wednesday, Feb. 14th, at 2 p.m., the Kentucky Picture Show will feature a 1987 movie starring Cher and Nicholas Cage. Loretta Castorini (Cher), a bookkeeper from Brooklyn, New York, finds herself in a difficult situation when she falls for the brother (Cage) of the man she has agreed to marry. Popcorn and snacks will be provided.