Elkins’ first bill signed into law

Published 3:00 pm Wednesday, April 10, 2024

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The 2024 legislative session is  Greg Elkins’ first term as senator for the 28th Senate District, after winning a special election in May 2023. 

Recently, history was made. 

In a news release, it was announced that Senate Bill (SB) 46 was signed into law on Friday, March 29th, thereby becoming the first bill introduced by Elkins, a Republican, to go through the entire legislative process. 

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“I hope this is the first of many good policy measures I can help move forward in Frankfort,” Elkins stated. “Three other bills I have co-sponsored have also been signed into law, and there are numerous others I am keeping an eye on during the veto period still awaiting action by the Governor. I appreciate the people of Clark, Menifee, and Bath Counties, and in the 28th District’s eastern portion of Fayette County for blessing me with the opportunity to serve in this capacity. I do not take their trust for granted.” 

SB 46 would allow tinting material to be applied to windshields as long as the light transmittance is not less than 70 percent. The measure comes following the actions of a constituent of Elkins’ – a law enforcement officer of 23 years – bringing the issue to his attention and a subsequent review of Elkins of relevant statutes in Ohio, North Dakota, and Hawaii allowing windshields to be tinted. 

Its benefits include the ability for drivers to reduce the sun’s harmful rays by up to 99 percent, infrared energy by 60 percent, and glare by more than 30 percent. SB 46 would also prohibit the use of red or yellow tint, and follows federal motor vehicle safety standards. 

The Kentucky General Assembly is currently in the veto recess period of the 2024 Legislative Session. The Constitution of Kentucky provides the Governor 10 veto days to consider legislation, which he may sign into law, allow it to become law without his support after the 10-day veto period, or veto. Lawmakers may consider overriding a gubernatorial veto during the final two days of the legislative session, which will occur on Friday, April 12, and Monday, April 15. The effective date of legislation without an emergency designation is 90 days after the adjournment of the legislative session.