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Published 10:00 am Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Getting your Trinity Audio player ready...

The Oxford English Dictionary describes adulting as “the practice of behaving in a way characteristic of a responsible adult, especially the accomplishment of mundane but necessary tasks.” The word is often used by adults who are coming to realize that–or coming to terms with the fact that–living as a responsible adult requires the person who is typically over 18 years of age to perform important but decidedly unfun tasks. When someone talks about adulting, they are typically not talking about something pleasant. For example, I have yet to hear someone say in all seriousness, “All right, I’m doing my taxes this weekend and it’s going to take all weekend.” (However, if you do consider doing your taxes fun, I will not judge). For many, adulting can be applied to just about any task that is necessary to function as a wage-earning adult, but I tend to associate adulting with household chores, particularly laundry. 

One reason I’m writing about laundry, a chore that is far from my favorite chore, is that National Laundry Day is on April 15. Another reason is finding out that there is an actual national holiday that celebrates laundry, which to me sounds just as logical as National Root Canal Appreciation Day (which is on May 12, and I probably won’t be writing about that one). But getting back to my disdain of laundry, it is the drudgery of folding, especially when, during periods when I should have adulted better, the laundry has piled up to a height that is less pile and more mountain. And that mountain can be tough to conquer. However, in my many years of adulting, I have learned something that helps the task of folding go faster: audiobooks!

Does listening to audiobooks count as reading? Number one, yes, listening to audiobooks counts as reading. Number two, it doesn’t really matter because it’s a distraction from the doldrums that endless folding creates. For those who want to partake in an audiobook while working on laundry or working on any task that falls into the adulting category, the library has plenty of audiobook options. There are physical media that are on the shelves that patrons can check out, like the traditional CD audiobooks, if you still have a boombox or CD player handy. There are also Playaways; think little MP Player like devices that contain an entire book. All you need are an AA battery and some earbuds (or an HDMI cord so you can listen to the Playaway in your car). You don’t even need to enter the library to listen to audiobooks. You can download the Libby app on your phone and check out audiobooks (or Ebooks) using your library card. You can also create an account on Hoopla (hoopladigital.com). After you’ve created your account on Hoopla, download the app to your phone and you can listen to books practically anywhere. I mostly use Hoopla to read graphic novels, listen to music for my walks, or listen to books when I’m doing (blech!) laundry. 

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If you need an audiobook to listen to while you’re adulting, the library has you covered. If you need a break from adulting, the library has these programs to enjoy: 

  • On Wednesday, April 17, at 2 p.m., the Kentucky Picture Show presents a 1931 classic starring James Cagney, This film is a taut, realistic time capsule of the Prohibition Era, showcasing Cagney’s powerhouse breakthrough as a streetwise tough buy who rises high in the bootleg racket. Popcorn and snacks provided. 

On Thursday, April 18, at 6 p.m., Clark County Public Library will be holding its monthly meeting of Write Out There! This writing group welcomes writers of all kinds to get some awesome writing prompts to get you started and we can also do workshops where other writers can share their work and get feedback. Bring anything you’re working on, or just bring paper, pencil, or laptop to do some writing and have some fun. 

  • And don’t forget, on Thursday, April 25th, Learning @ the Library will be hosting Explore Kentucky State Parks presented by Laura Davis. Explore the wonders of Kentucky State Parks right in your own backyard! Join us for a presentation showcasing landscapes, rich history, and endless opportunities for adventure. From hiking trails to historic sites, there’s something in the Kentucky State Parks for everyone. Come learn how you can play in our parks. The potluck begins at 6 p.m. while the presentation begins at 6:30 pm. Space is limited; please register.