St. Hubert’s Episcopal marks 50th year

On Sunday, Nov. 3, St. Hubert’s Episcopal Church on Grimes Mill Road will celebrate the 50th anniversary of its founding.

St. Hubert is the patron saint of hunters.

The building, located in hunt country, ws completed in 1959 under the supervision of Bishop William r> moody. He designed the church after a typical English country church. Kentucky limestone and wood were used in its construction.

John Jacob Niles, a natice Kentuckian and internationally known musician, composer and balladeer, carved the 84th Psalm on the massive oak church doors.

There is a peaceful cemetery behind the church building witha large statue of Jesus as the focal point.

St. Hubert’s corporate worship is based on the Book of Common Worship.

The clergy and members welcome all to join them in worship, fellowship and service.