Caldwell: Top 10 reasons to advertise with The Sun

As we prepare for our annual Progress edition kick-off this week (more on that to come soon), I have been working on The Winchester Sun’s media kit and marketing information. Improving how we communicate the message of who we are has been on my mind.

Even after nearly three years here, I am amazed at the diverse offerings and myriad of products we create to serve our readers and our advertisers. I am also still surprised at how many people still don’t know that we produce a newspaper five days a week, a variety of digital products and a host of other seasonal niche publications.

Growing up, as a kid who stayed up way past his bedtime, I was always a fan of late-night television. Nobody brought the laughter like David Letterman. He had so many hilarious segments, but the Top 10 list always stuck with me.

So, in honor of the gap-toothed host who has long-since retired, here are my Top 10 reasons to advertise with The Winchester Sun.

Reach — The Winchester Sun reaches more than 10,000 households each week through its print and digital products.

Quality — Higher income, higher education, top-earning adults are avid newspaper readers.

Immediacy — Newspaper advertising is among the fastest forms of advertising with extremely short deadlines that allow ads to be tailored and reach potential customers very quickly.

Flexibility — Newspapers, unlike most media, allow the advertiser to build an ad in many sizes.

Trust — More than any other medium, consumers believe respected and reputable businesses use newspapers.

Target marketing — Newspaper advertising can be targeted to specific demographics, sections, regions and zip codes.

Selection — The Winchester Sun offers options ranging from preprinted inserts to daily campaigns to niche products to digital offerings that encompass the full array of advertising opportunities.

Environment — The editorial environment of newspapers adds credibility and legitimacy to the brand being advertised.

Value — With a much greater return on investment compared to other media, newspaper marketing costs just pennies per customer.

Proven results — Newspaper advertising works! Newspapers create traffic, move merchandise and establish brands.

My list was nowhere near as funny as even the worst of David Letterman’s, but I would argue it is more important than his. Advertising — whether it is with The Journal or other media — is a vital component for business success.

Strong marketing plans help your business end up at the pinnacle of your own top 10 list.

Michael Caldwell is publisher of The Winchester Sun and Winchester Living magazine. He can be reached at (859) 759-0095 or by email at