Manley: Don’t be a Where’s Waldo

Do you know why Where’s Waldo wears stripes? I do!

But before I answer the question I hope you are familiar with the Where’s Waldo book series.

Waldo is a slinky guy in a toboggan and shirt with red and white stripes.

He is always hiding somewhere on the page and it is your job to find him. Sometimes it is obvious, but other times, it can be difficult to see where he is.

One thing is always true about the hunt; he always pops up in the last place you look.

Have you ever felt like life is one big game of Where’s Waldo?

We hunt for meaning, significance and/or careers in a way that seems like we are looking at nothing but a sea of red and white umbrellas on a sandy beach.

How will we ever find what we are looking for?

I view college as an important part of your hunt in life.

Since I work at Bluegrass Community and Technical College (BCTC) I think it is a great place to start. We all have to start somewhere or we will go nowhere.

Cathy in the BCTC career center is also here to help you get a step closer to finding your Waldo. Email her for an appointment at and she will meet you here at our Winchester-Clark County Campus.

When you find Waldo something amazing happens. You can’t unfind him. And then you wonder why it was so difficult to find him in the first place.

Life is a journey of finding out things about ourselves and BCTC can help you on that journey.

It is fun trying to find Waldo, but don’t be a Waldo yourself. Participate, volunteer, mentor and contribute in some way to help your neighbors.

Learning is not about hiding but finding.

So why does Where’s Waldo wear stripes? Because he doesn’t want to be spotted.

Bruce Manley is the campus director at the Bluegrass Community and Technical College Winchester-Clark County campus.