New trial date set in Lonnie Martin’s murder case

Murder suspect Lonnie Martin has another trial date in Clark County, but prosecutors still want to see another county’s murder case work out first.

Martin, 45, of Stanton is facing a Clark County murder charge for the 1995 death of his cousin, Joseph B. Martin.

He is also facing a murder charge in Montgomery County for the July 2013 death of Winchester resident Kyla Kline.

Thursday, Clark Circuit Judge Jean Chenault Logue scheduled a trial for Sept. 9, 2019, for Martin, but everyone is waiting to see what happens in Lonnie Martin’s Montgomery County case.

He is scheduled for a court appearance there Dec. 19.

“I’m afraid they may never try it there,” Logue said.

Martin’s attorney Valetta Browne said there may be other issues as the officer who led the investigation into Joseph Martin’s death was recently elected as county attorney.

Martin was arrested by Montgomery County authorities in July 2013 after Kline’s body was found on a farm near the border with Clark County.

Following Martin’s arrest, Winchester Police detectives interviewed him about his cousin’s death in 1995. Statements made during that interview led to detectives reopening the investigation and charging Martin with murder.

Clark County prosecutors have deferred to give the Montgomery County case priority, but it has dragged on for more than five years through a series of evidentiary delays, retirements or resignations of attorneys and other issues.

The trial venue was also changed to Rowan County, following charges that Martin assaulted another prisoner in the Montgomery County jail.

Police said Joseph B. Martin fell off the Washington Street overpass on Oct. 29, 1995 onto the railroad tracks below, where he was dragged by a passing train.