Preschool staff, parents learn to help students battle stress

Begin in a comfortable seated position, sitting up tall but relaxed.

Slowly expand a Hoberman sphere for the duration of an inhale. Once the inhale is complete, stop expanding the Hoberman sphere.

Notice the natural pause between the inhale and exhale, Lisa King, Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher and Certified Kidding Around Yoga Teacher, said while showing the audience how to use a breathing ball to help students de-stress.

Several parents, teachers, therapists and community child care workers attended a workshop Saturday at the Clark County Preschool.

King showed the audience how to use mindful movement and mindful breathing to teach students to self-regulate, gain body awareness and increase focused attention.

The workshop also went over how to better help children with diverse needs such as autism, ADHD, anxiety or sensory processing disorders.

Participants also had the opportunity to complete a 30-minute self-care yoga class.