WMU Flushing Hydrants

Winchester Municipal Utilities will be flushing hydrants in the WMU water distribution system between April 12 and April 16.

The areas to be flushed on April 12 are Arlington Rd., Ashland Ave., Atrium Pl., N. Bloomfield Rd., S. Bloomfield Rd., Bon Haven Ave., Camden Dr., Canewood Dr., Carolina Ave., W. Clark Dr., Crawford Ave., Crawford Ct., Fairview Ave., Finley Rd., Fitch Ave., Forest Ave., Forest Ct., Foster Ave., Franklin Ave., Fulton Rd., Hart Ave., Irvine Rd., Jackson St., Jefferson St., Leonard Ave., W. Lexington Ave., Long Ave., Mack Aly, Maryland Ave., McCann Dr., Monroe Ave., Nelson Ave., New St., W. Robinson Ct., Smith Ave., Sunset Hts., Sylvania Ave., Victory Ave., Vine St., Virginia Ave., Wabash Ave., Walker Ave., E. Washington St., Waveland Ave., Whitney Ct., Willow Dr., Winn Ave.

The areas to be flushed on April 13 are N. Burns Ave., C G Stephenson Dr., Clay St., Cook Ave., Denny Ave., Edgemont Ave., Hill St., I-64 E., Jackson St., Magnolia St., N. Main St., Meadow St., Melbourne St., Mt. Sterling Rd., Mutual Ave., Pearl St., Pendleton St., Ridgeway Dr., Rockwell Rd., Rolling Hills Ln., Springmist Ln., Spruce Ct., Sterling St., Stevenson Hts., Tech Dr., Upper St., Van Meter Rd., Walnut St., W. Washington St., Washington Sq., Watts Rd., Winn Ave.

The areas to be flushed on April 14 are 1st St., 2nd St., 3rd St., 4th St., 5th St., 6th St., 7th St., Ashley Dr., Barlow Dr., Bypass, Canary Ln., Cardinal Ln., Cedar Ct., Chelsea Way, Chicadee Ln., Colby Rd., Corporate Dr., Elm St., English Miss Ct., Enterprise Dr., Evans St., Fortune Dr., Harkins Dr., Holiday Rd., Jean Ct., Joe Gilliam St., Lindsey Ct., Madison Ave., Old Garden Ct., Powe Dr., Quail Ridge Rd., Redwing Dr., Rolling Hills Ln., Sir Edward Ct., Skylark Dr., Tyler Banks Ct., W. Washington St.

The areas to be flushed on April 15 are Barlow Dr., Bypass, Churchill Dr., Colby Rd., Estes Dr., Graves St., Harkins Dr., Holiday Rd., Locust Dr., Old Bottom Rd., Poplar Dr., Shelley Dr., Sherwood Ct., Snowden Dr., Stefanie Ct., Susan Ct.

The areas to be flushed on April 16 are Bells Alley, Church Alley, E. Broadway St., W. Broadway St., Gay St., N. Highland St., E. Lexington Ave., N. Main St., S. Main St., N. Maple St., S. Maple St., Ogden Ct., Reverend H.E. Baker Way, S. Burns Ave., Taylor Ave., Wall St.
For more information, call (859) 744-5434 during normal business hours from 7 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.