Fiscal court names director of finance

Published 5:00 pm Monday, September 19, 2022

The Clark County Fiscal Court filled the dual role of assistant treasurer/director of finance position at its most recent meeting last Wednesday.

After several applications were received and a process that involved interviewing and screening, Mary McLemore – who serves as the administrative coordinator of the Clark County Road Department – was named to the position.

The motion to appoint McLemore for the role passed with unanimous approval.

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“She understands the financial system,” said Clark County Judge-Executive Henry Branham. “She’s been doing procurement and purchase orders and things of that nature, so her transition up there will be fairly seamless.”

Though McLemore will be learning new software, among other elements of the job, this is not something that has worried magistrates.

“She seems to be pretty savvy with software because she’s talked about other systems that she works in,” Branham said. “That was one of the big reasons for our selection.”


The broadband committee consisting of Magistrates Dan Konstantopoulos and Chris Davis hopes to recommend to the fiscal court what action to take in October. Presently, multiple approaches have been discussed.

The deadline is September 30.

“I’ve had multiple conversations …I  think there’s some good things for Clark County”,  Magistrate Dan Konstantopoulos said. “This is going to serve every untouched household in Clark County, so everybody will be committed to getting high-speed internet, and it’s at least one gigabyte, up and down symmetrical – which is more than any household needs.”

Individuals may purchase different options, but at least one gigabyte will be accessible.

New county vehicle proposal

Tony Kirk – a former officer of the Winchester Police Department and current director of home incarceration for Clark County – put forth a proposal to purchase a Chevrolet Tahoe.

A motion to advertise a bid for the Chevrolet Tahoe full-size SUV was approved unanimously.

The program currently utilizes several vehicles with over 100,000 to 150,000 miles.

Previously, Kirk had also made proposals to both Ford and Dodge.

Zoning ordinance

Robert Jeffries – director of planning and community development – was present to discuss the possibility of a text amendment for Article 12 of the Winchester-Clark County Zoning Ordinance.

“We’re just trying to listen to our community and what they’d like to develop on their property, and still [make] sure that it keeps a single family,” Jeffries said.

The amendment came into question when inquiries were received about whether individuals could be able to put a bathroom in an accessory building, such as a shed, garage, or even pool house.

“We want to try to accommodate that and make that available for families in our community,” said Jeffries.

The idea is to allow those working on projects to have a sink and toilet available, thus allowing them to wash their hands, use the restroom, and more.

One of the areas of concern presently is ensuring that second residences will not get built on the property.

Jeffries was present to answer questions, although no formal agreement or motion was approved.