Slime time at Shearer

Published 4:00 pm Tuesday, September 20, 2022

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Those who grew up in the 90s Nickelodeon era know how fun the thought of pouring green slime on others could be.

At Shearer Elementary School last Tuesday afternoon, such an opportunity presented itself for students.

In celebration of meeting a Kentucky High Attendance Day goal, Principal Diana Jackson and Assistant Principal Lindsey Campbell filled young ones with joy as they allowed each kid an opportunity to slime their administrators.

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“They are so excited. [They] have heard about sliming their principal and assistant principal since the end of August”, Jackson said. “I feel like it has been a huge success.”

The event occurred in conjunction with meeting incentives created by the school.

On Sept. 13, Shearer Elementary School celebrated High Attendance Day – an event in which schools across Kentucky participate.

Although attendance is vital and sought after every day, High Attendance Day has a specific purpose, while this year’s version also represents a return to normal of sorts.

“It’s really for our reports and things that we run so that across the state, each district is looking at the same data,” said Cassie Puckett, the student information and data coordinator for Clark County Public Schools. “We haven’t done it for the past two years due to Covid. We’ve not been tracking attendance [or] been funded based on attendance as we were previously.”

Intending to register at least 96% attendance, Jackson and Campbell offered the sliming adventure as a treat for meeting this goal.

On Tuesday, 385 of 395 students showed up to class – easily defeating the 96% benchmark.

The anticipation for the event was high, as numerous classes gathered outside on the lawn were heard chanting “We want slime!” before the event began and as other classmates entered the area.

Dressed in gym clothes with deliberately oversized glasses as eye protection, Jackson and Campbell prepared to be slimed by the young ones.

Eventually, a line stretched down the sidewalk, with those who had completed the task gathering on the grass before being sent back to their classroom with faculty members.

Considering the unique experience, many staff could not resist taking photos and videos of the event. Some of these would soon get posted to Shearer Elementary School’s social media page.

While students commonly would take their cup of slime and pour it on top of Principal Jackson and Assistant Principal Campbell’s heads, some used unorthodox means to slime the administrators.

Both were covered from head to toe in a sea of green when all was said and done.

Despite needing more than one towel when completed, a growth perspective offered both the chance to be celebratory and neither found reason to complain.

“We are really excited and proud of them. We’re so excited that our kids came, and what more can we ask for?” said Campbell.

The assistant principal agreed.

“The day was filled with just celebrating them, and we also incorporate the importance of being here every day – not just today,” Jackson said. “We would do it over and over again for our kids.”