Abettor’s Oktoberfest showcases vendors near and far

Published 9:02 am Wednesday, September 28, 2022

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Saturdays in Winchester throughout the summer and early fall have always been for shopping, thanks to the  Winchester-Clark County Farmer’s Market, and this Saturday, vendors near and far were in town for Abettor Brewing’s 4th Annual Oktoberfest.

Various businesses and other organizations could be found along Depot Street selling goods and giving awareness to particular issues.

Among others were Momma’s Got Mats, Lady Vet’s Wreaths and More, Grumpy Dad’s Sauce Company, Color Street, Lexiley Apparel, Shepherd’s Forge, San’s Healthy Choices, Kate’s Cocoa Kitchen, and Southern B’s Creations.

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Also present were Mama D’s, BS BBQ, and Sno-Biz food trucks.

Some businesses made a trip for the day.

“I like the historical city,” said Gary Lomax, Owner of L&E Creations. “All [of] the little small towns, this is what it reminds me of. We like the small town atmosphere.”

Lomax and his wife made the trip to Winchester from Hurricane, West Virginia, approximately 130 miles away.

L&E Creations uniquely creates designs on shale roof tiles, some 100 to 110 years old, by using vinyl.

“We clear cut it with polyurethane,” Lomax said. “Nobody else has got this design. This is ours.”

Other businesses didn’t have to travel as far for the occasion.

Tammy and Robert Liggett, long-time owners of Granny T’s Candy & Sweet Shop in Winchester, went into a partnership with Touch of Fudge from Paducah, Kentucky not too long ago.

“We do 135 flavors of fudge. If you can imagine it, we’ll try it”, Liggett said. “We do about 12 flavors of cotton candy and novelty candies.”

Among candies were Toxic Waste Slime Licker Sour Rolling Liquid Candy, a kid-friendly treat that is less common to Winchester and prone to selling out quickly.

While food businesses were a common site, there were a variety of others in place to be enjoyed.

Some organizations, such as the Democratic Women’s Club of Clark County and FairyTails Pet Adoptions, were looking to raise awareness and encourage action.

“We have done this every year. We were just out here about two months ago for an adoption event”, said Dawn Little, a worker at FairyTails Pet Adoptions. “We’re all over. We did Tractor Supply a couple of weeks ago. We have another event coming up at Trackside at the Depot in Paris.”

Little noted that some dogs can be adopted at very affordable prices, while five had been adopted on Saturday and two others were adopted the day before.

With the fall and Halloween season upon us, certain businesses were present for the occasion.

Spooky 4U2 Dolls and Decor, which sells Halloween-themed dolls and other decorations at shows and online, could be found downtown.

“I’ve been doing this for about 30 years. I go to a lot of shows. I’ll be doing ScareFest in October”, said owner Angela Gabbert. “This is definitely my busy season. I’ve always loved Halloween.”

Through different businesses and organizations, goods such as nail polish, barbecue sauce, decorative glasses, chicken salad, cookware, knives, frames, and more were available.

They are sure to allow shoppers plenty of reasons to stop by Depot Street in the future.