Walk N Roll for Spina Bifida exceeds expectations

Published 4:00 pm Tuesday, October 11, 2022

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As advertised, the third annual Walk N Roll for Spina Bifida event occurred this Saturday at Legacy Grove Park.

According to Amie Moore, who helped organize the event and whose five-year-old son Lincoln has spina bifida, the get-together was a success.

“The event has way exceeded my expectations,” she said. “[There are] more people here than I ever expected.”

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On Saturday morning, dozens of people were at the event. Though slightly brisk, the weather cooperated, as individuals could walk the trail without inconvenience.

When they returned to the original gathering area, a large assortment of items to be auctioned off awaited them. These included basketballs signed by national-championship-winning University of Kentucky Head Basketball Coach John Calipari, and defending SEC champion women’s basketball head coach Kyra Elzy.

Jewelry, a swing set, baskets, blankets, holiday decorations, crafts, tools, children’s books, sports figurines, signs, a fire pit, clothing, and more were present.

For food, one could put down a bid for chocolate cake, suckers, and much more.

Gift cards to several locations, including Subway, El Camino Real Mexican Bar and Grill, Megan D. Photography, and Eagle Creek Massage were also present.

NuMotion, a company specializing in supplying mobility services, made its presence known.

Many kids in the crowd were seen engaging in face painting and ball toss activities. The group enjoyed Giovanni’s Pizza as the day continued.

“The kids are having a lot of fun. Turnout [is] great”, said Moore. “We’ve had so much local support businesses from all over Kentucky and out-of-state to have supported our event today.”

Moore also noted that the camaraderie is strong.

“Our kids and our adults, they’re warriors [and] they’re miracles,” she said. “To see the smiles on everybody’s faces and everybody cheering on everybody [is great].”

Of the many individuals present, David & Casey Preston – originally from Mayfield – were there with their young son Seth.

“It can be really challenging; a lot of stress and strain,” said David Preston, noting that Seth spent a few weeks in the hospital while younger. “I’m just glad he can walk and talk. Doctors [said] he may never walk. It means the world to me; it really does.”

Despite the challenges, Casey Preston noted that the closeness and connectedness of the supportive community has been essential.

“I’ve got more than one family. I’ve got my immediate family, my church family, then I’ve got my spina bifida family,” she said. “There’s a lot in it, but I’ve got support teams which is a bonus to me.”

Last year, Walk N Roll raised over $2500 for the Spina Bifida Association of Kentucky.

With dozens of items to offer, the hope is that this year can outperform last with monies being spent productively

.“It’s going to help that stranger we don’t know,” Preston added. “I call this my job.”

Those who put together the event are grateful that others have come out to assist.

“Thank you, everybody, for all your support,” Moore said