Hospice East to hold Soup Bean fundraiser

Published 5:05 pm Wednesday, October 19, 2022

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For those who have been in a situation where they’ve encountered hospice care, emotions can certainly run high, but on Friday, Oct. 21, the staff at Hospice East will look to provide a positive environment.

From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., a Soup Bean fundraiser will benefit the organizations and those in care, and all in the community are welcome to attend.

“We would like to raise at least $2,000,” said Debbie Jones, the executive director of Hospice East. “We would love the communities to really understand hospice. That’s a big goal of mine.”

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Hospice East, as is the norm with care centers, takes in patients diagnosed with a limited time left to live.

However, many have fortunately overcome expectations, spending one or even two years in care.

Staff, including registered nurses, CNAs, social workers, and a chaplain, are readily available. Volunteers provide socialization opportunities and more for patients.

The Soup Bean fundraiser originated with a local couple whose names the Sun could not confirm.

“[The] gentleman would bring out a gas-cook stove and a great big pot, and we would cook outside,” Jones said. “It was real nice because a lot of people in the community would stop by.”

The event will be inside this year, with tables set up in the conference room to accommodate visitors in a warm environment.

Camaraderie figures to be much the same.

A couple of us are cooking the beans, and then Friday morning, we’ll bring them in,” Jones said.

Cornbread, onions, and relish will also be present. Attendees will have their choice of Ale-8 or water as well.

The unique mix was first suggested by Winchester locals years ago.

“When we first started, we sent out a little survey asking people in the community what they would like,” Jones said, adding that chili was another choice. “So many people said soup beans. They wanted soup beans and cornbread. It just brought back a lot of memories.”

For those not present for the occasion, options are still available via delivery and pickup. This can be done by sending a fax at 859-744-1971 or calling 859-744-9866.

Proceeds from the event, which costs $5 to enter, will get used in multiple ways.

Particularly, Hospice East has both a special needs fund and a wish fund.

While the latter allows for purchasing pajamas, sheets, and other basic needs for clients, they use the wish fund for the GoodGiving Challenge supported by Blue Grass Community Foundation.

As a result, it has provided meaningful opportunities.

“We had a gentleman that always went fishing. We had a volunteer go with him, and we had a special ride for him so he could go because he was in a wheelchair,” Jones said. “We [were] able to provide funds for that so he could spend a few hours fishing. He died [approximately] two days after that, so I think he was just waiting to do his last fishing adventure.”

Along with raising funds to support others, the staff of Hospice East is looking to keep community members informed.

“A lot of people hear the word hospice and don’t want to talk about it. They’re scared, but hospice is so much more than what people think it is”, Jones said. “I wish more people would become more educated about what hospice is.”

Hospice East will also host a Veterans Brunch in November.