The votes are in!

Published 9:12 pm Tuesday, November 8, 2022

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The election results are in and there will be exciting news out of Clark County.

Results are published below.

It was discovered by the Clark County Clerk’s Office on Wednesday morning that one of two machines from the Robert D. Campbell Jr. High School’s precinct had not been tabulated. While this did not flip the results of any races announced Friday night, it did make the margin in some races – particularly the PVA and City Commissioner – narrower. Specifically, Jada Brady (R) ended up being elected PVA over Jason Neely (D) with 6,341 votes to 6,331 (originally marked as a 62-vote victory). Kenny Book finished in fourth place for City Commission with 1,648 votes to John Flynn’s 1,614 (originally marked as a 55-vote victory).

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The current information represents the most present data.

Current City Commissioner JoEllen Reed will be the next Winchester Mayor. She defeated Ralph Harrison with 2,931 votes (66.63 %) to 1,468 (33.37%).

“I am extremely humbled by the faith and the trust that the people of Winchester have shown in me”, said Reed. “I will work hard each and every day to make our citizens proud of our community. I am honored to have been selected to lead the city of Winchester as its 24th Mayor and also as the first female Mayor in our city’s history.”

In the race for the Winchester City Commission, there will be two returnees, and two newly elected officials. Incumbents Shannon Cox and Kitty Strode finished top two in voting. Of the remaining six, Hannah Toole and Kenny Book respectively received the third and fourth most votes to round out the commission.

“I am honored to become the newest member of the first-time majority and female led city chamber”, said O’Toole.

“I’m just very grateful to the people of Winchester. I’m humbled by it, and as always I just pledge to do the right thing”, said Cox. “I still want to go after everybody that we can go after that’s [going] to bring jobs into town.”

“I’m humbled to be reelected, and I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to continue to serve this community”, said Strode.

“I served on the Commission for 26 years, so it’s really nothing new”, said Book. “There’s just more stuff that I think needed to be done. We’ve got to do more on the drainage and we’ve got to do more for the veterans.”

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the evening came in the PVA race, as Republican Jada Brady narrowly defeated incumbent Jason Neely by a count of 6,341 (50.04%) to 6,331 (49.96%).

At the Fiscal Court, the open 3rd Magisterial District seat was won by Republican Steve Craycraft in a race against Democrat Lee Watts.

Magistrates Chris Davis (R) and Robert Blanton (D) retained their seats in races against Leonard Shortridge (D) and Justin Wilson (R).

“Every term is a challenge. We look forward to the challenge and serving the people”, Blanton said. “We’ll do a good job, I’m sure. Thanks for those who supported me. For those who didn’t get elected, there’s always another election. Hopefully, they will put their name forward again.”

At the state level, Republicans came out victorious in the area.

Senator Ralph Alvarado received a large majority of the vote in Clark County in the 28th Senatorial District race, while Ryan Dotson won the county in the 73rd Representative District race against challenger Tommy Adams. Both races are dependent on totals from other counties.

To fill the County Judge/Executive position, Clark County residents chose Republican Les Yates in a matchup against Democrat Justin Charles.

“I think it’s going to be…A good opportunity for Clark County to maybe start growing”, Yates said. “I’m kind of excited.”

Democrats also had a victorious night.

In law enforcement related matters, Democrat Frank “Squatty” Doyle will return for another term as jailer after defeating Republican challenger Paul E. Wyatt with just over 56% of the vote.

Also, with just over 63% of the vote, Democrat Michelle Turner will return as Clark County Clerk after defeating Republican Linda Jako.

Republican Magistrates Steve Craycraft and Chris Davis won reelection as did the fiscal court’s lone Democrat, Robert G. Blanton.

Certainly not least of all, both Clark County Constables will return to their positions.

While Republic Shelby “Lynn” Toler defeated Geoff Sebesta in the 3rd Magisterial District, Republican David Wayne Puckett finished in front of Phillip Wright in the 4th Magisterial District.

Unofficial ballot results for Clark County

The following results include Absentee, Early, and Election Day Voting

Straight Party

Republican Party (R) – 2,956 (64.30%)

Democratic Party (D) – 1,641 (35.70%)

United States Senator

Rand Paul (R) – 8,270 (64.58%)

Charles Booker (D) – 4,533 (3.40%)

Charles Lee Thomason – 2 (0.02%)

United States Representative in Congress – 6th Congressional District

Andy Barr (R) – 9,075 (71.78%)

Geoffrey M. “Geoff” Young (D) – 3,381 (26.74%)

Maurice Randall Cravens III (W) – 184 (1.46%)

Maxwell Keith Froedge (W) –  2 (0.02%)

State Senator – 28th Senatorial District

Ralph Alvarado (R) – 9,045 (97.93%)

Josh Buckman – (W) – 191 (2.07%)

State Representative – 73rd Representative District

D. Ryan Dotson (R) – 7,221 (57.50%)

Thomas Weston Adams (D) – 5,338 (42.50%)

Property Valuation Administrator

Jada Brady (R) – 6,341 (50.04%)

Jason “Apple” Neely (D) – 6,331 (49.96%)

County Judge/Executive

Les Yates (R) – 7,564 (59.74%)

Justin Charles (D) – 5,097 (40.26%)

County Attorney

William Elkins (R) – 8,923 (100%)

County Clerk

Linda Jako (R) – 4,743 (36.97%)

Michelle Turner (D) – 8,088 (63.03%)


Berl Perdue Jr. (R) – 10,042 (100%)


Paul E. Wyatt (R) – 5,533 (43.53%)

Frank “Squatty” Doyle (D) – 7,179 (56.47%)


Neal Oliver (R) – 9,241 (100%)

Magistrate – 1st Magisterial District

Daniel Konstantopoulos (R) – 1,942 (100%)

Constable – 1st Magisterial District

Doug Woodall (R) – 1,827 (100%)

Magistrate – 2nd Magisterial District

Ernest Pasley (R) – 1,820 (100%)

Constable – 2nd Magisterial District

Travis McIntosh (R) – 1,792 (100%)

Magistrate – 3rd Magisterial District

Steve Craycraft (R) – 1,833 (72.31%)

Lee Watts (D) – 702 (27.69%)

Constable – 3rd Magisterial District

Shelby “Lynn” Toler II (R) – 1,855 (75.16%)

Geoff Sebesta (D) – 613 (24.84%)

Magistrate – 4th Magisterial District

Mark D. Miller (R) – 1,101 (100%)

Constable – 4th Magisterial District

David Wayne Puckett (R) – 938 (62.41%)

Phillip Wright (D) – 565 (37.59%)

Magistrate – 5th Magisterial District

Christopher M. Davis (R) – 936 (55.16%)

Leonard Shortridge (D) – 761 (44.84 %)

Constable – 5th Magisterial District

Jerry Edwards Jr. (R) – 1,158 (100%)

Magistrate – 6th Magisterial District

Jeremy Wilson (R) – 620 (39.72%)

Robert G. Blanton (D) – 941 (60.28%)

Judge of the Court of Appeals – 5th Appellate District – 1st Division

Pamela R. Goodwine – 7,267 (100%)

Judge of the Court of Appeals – 5th Appellate District – 2nd Division

Glenn Acree – 6,810 (100%)

Circuit Judge – 25th Judicial District – 1st Division

David M. Ward – 7,503 (100%)

Circuit Judge – 25th Judicial District – 2nd Division

Cole Adams Maier – 7,485 (100%)

Circuit Judge “Family Court” – 25th Judicial Circuit – 3rd Division

Nora J. Shepherd – 6,948 (100%)

Circuit Judge “Family Court” – 25th Judicial Circuit – 4th Division

Kimberly Blair Walson – 7,298 (100%)

Circuit Judge – 25th Judicial Circuit – 5th Division

Kristin Jane Clouse – 6,978 (100%)

District Judge – 25th Judicial District – 1st Division

Charles W. “Chuck” Hardin – 6,844 (100%)

District Judge – 25th Judicial District – 2nd Division

Robert Jennings – 7,013 (100%)

District Judge – 25th Judicial District – 3rd Division

Earl-Ray Neal – 7,184 (100%)

Member Board of Education – 1st Educational District

Bill Taulbee – 1,538 (100%)

Member Board of Education – 4th Educational District

Sherry Richardson  – 711 (100%)

Mayor – City of Winchester

Ralph Harrison – 1,468 (33.37%)

JoEllen Reed – 2,931 (66.63%)

City Commissioners – City of Winchester (Vote for up to four)

Shannon J. Cox – 2,381 (17.78%)

Kitty W. Strode – 2,284 (17.05%)

Hannah T. Toole – 1,867 (13.94%)

Kenny Book – 1,648 (12.30%)

John F. Flynn – 1,614 (12.05%)

Greg Yates – 1,466 (10.95%)

Paula Branham Thomas – 1,405 (10.49%)

Robin Kunkel – 729 (5.44%)

Constitutional Amendment #1

Yes – 5,383 (46.72%)

No – 6,138 (53.28%)

Constitutional Amendment #2

Yes – 6,051 (48.80%)

No – 6,348 (51.20%)