Fiscal court payroll plan still under discussion

Published 4:30 pm Thursday, December 8, 2022

The possibility of when to change pay periods for Clark County employees is still on the table as of the most recent fiscal court meeting, while the court will be reimbursed based on insurance premiums.

It was recently agreed to switch from the most recent platform used for HR and payroll management systems – Payroll Solutions – to ADP.

At Monday morning’s meeting, the fiscal court was asked to review and approve changing the pay period.

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“What we’re proposing from ADP is that the last pay period for payroll solutions will begin on December 21,” said Clark County Human Resources Administrator Janet Townsend. “Typically, it would end on January 3, but we’re proposing that it will end on December 31.”

This would result in the first pay period being between January 1 and January 14.

“The employees won’t miss a check. They’ll still come on Friday, but the Payroll Solutions check will be a few days short,” Townsend added. “That will change your pay period for ADP and also gives us more processing time.”

Townsend also expressed satisfaction that the action would come after the holidays.

“I’m glad we could get through the holidays for the employees, so they at least get through Christmas, and most of those days for most people will be holiday hours”, she said.

Following a discussion with Magistrate Greg Elkins, it was confirmed that employees would receive a smaller check on January 6 due to the shorter pay period.

However, a more extensive check would come on January 20.

Magistrate Travis Thompson noted that individuals of certain departments – such as the Clark County Fire Department or Clark County Detention Center – might favor the proposal less and expressed overall concern regarding the shorter pay period.

“This is going to be a little outside the box, but I will say, what if we did another one-time thing and kind of average it out between the employees and give them a little extra to get through this?” he said. “It’s not going to be a perfect solution, but it will be extra money to them.”

After further discussion about possible alternative solutions, a motion was approved to postpone a decision until the next meeting on December 14th with further details.

In addition, the fiscal court will be reimbursed per employee after becoming self-insured regarding health insurance.

This amount will total $600.

“The fee offices – which is the sheriff’s office, the county clerk’s office, and the county attorney’s office – [will] just reimburse the county what the premium is,” said Magistrate Dan Konstanopoulos. “It’s $600 per employee that’s on the health insurance plan.”