Flag raising at Circuit Court celebrates National Donate Month

Published 4:00 pm Wednesday, April 19, 2023

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Celebrations and receptions often take place at the Clark County Fiscal Court. 

Last Thursday, it was outside of the James Clark Judicial Center on Cleveland Avenue where the spotlight shone. 

Staff gathered to view and take photos during a flag-raising that celebrated National Donate Life Month in April. 

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“Clark County is definitely on the map in terms of engagement of the DonateLife mission,” said Adrienne Johnson, an employee of DonateLifeKentucky/Trust For Life. “They never fail to make people feel inspired to want to say yes to donation and supporting the donor families and their recipients as well.” 

National Donate Life Month is focused on the importance of registering a decision to be a donor while also honoring both deceased and living donors and celebrating the lives donors have saved. 

In a news release, DonateLifeKY states: 

“It is the generosity of donors and donor families that makes saving lives through transplantation possible.” 

Presently, approximately 106,000 people in America are waiting on a transplant. On average, 20 people die daily because the organ they need isn’t donated in time. As a result, nearly one person passes away per hour. 

Statistics show that one donor can save up to eight lives via organ donation. 

Events such as the flag raising have occurred multiple times, largely via the efforts of Clark County Circuit Court Clerk Martha Miller, who works in partnership with the Kentucky Circuit Court Clerks’ Trust For Life and Donate Life America to ensure their success. 

For Miller, the subject is meaningful in more ways than one.

Twelve years ago, her sister received a kidney transplant. 

“It [has given] her twelve more years. I’ve got a cousin who lives down the street for me. He’s on the list for a heart transplant,” Miller said. “It’s a personal thing for me.” 

Through the efforts of Miller and other staff, Clark County has seen over 99% of residents sign up to be organ and tissue donors in Kentucky. 

“Martha’s office does a fabulous job,” Johnson said. “Clark County does a great job at acknowledging those in their community that have been touched by the mission…and they want to celebrate that with them.” 

“It touches my heart to be a part of this,” said Diana Royse, a Deputy Circuit Court Clerk. “I’ve just recently found out my sister-in-law is on the list of [people] waiting for a kidney and liver [transplant]. It touches so many people’s lives.” 

There are a few ways for those interested in registering to be a donor. 

Not only can you say “Yes” when getting your driver’s license at the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, but registering at https://registermeky.org/ is possible. 

Although a driver’s license chair is no longer stationed in the Circuit Court’s office, the advocacy messages remain the same. 

“We want to keep that part alive, and it should be everybody’s passion because there’s plenty of people in Clark County, I’m sure, on the list,” Miller stated.