Tuesday’s Primary Election will look different for Clark Countians

Published 1:00 pm Friday, May 12, 2023

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When Clark Countians head to the polls on Tuesday for the Kentucky Primary Election their ballots will look a little different than those for the rest of the commonwealth as they will choose a new state senator.

In the special race for the vacant 28th Senate District Seat, candidates are Greg Elkins (R), Richard Henderson (I) and Robert Sainte (D).

The 28th District includes Clark County, Bath County, Menifee County, Montgomery County, and part of Fayette County.

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Because of the unique circumstances, voters in this category do not have to choose solely based on party.

“That race is going to be determined on the primary instead of the general,” said Michelle Turner, Clark County Clerk. “You’re just going to pick whoever you want. You do not have to stay in your party on that one ballot.”

In all other primary races, ballots include multiple Democratic or Republican candidates of each party, with registered voters of that party choosing who they believe to be a prime candidate.

For example, Republican voters can choose between different potential candidates for Governor that include Daniel Cameron, Kelly Craft, and Ryan Quarles.

Registered Republicans would not be allowed to vote for a Democratic candidate, and vice versa.

Registered independents will only be receiving a ballot for the 28th Senate District Seat, as independents will not be running in other races.

“If you’re an independent, you’re not going to get a ballot with a Governor on there, or Secretary of State, or anything like that,” Turner said. “There is no independents running on those races.”

Voting Locations

Vote Center

• Clark County Courthouse, 34 S. Main St.

Consolidated Locations

• Baker Intermediate School, 1645 Martin Luther King Dr.: D103 Van Meter, E102 Sphar.

• Landmark Baptist Church, 1223 Iron Works Rd.: C102 Franklin, C103 Kiddville.

• Robert D. Campbell Junior High School, 620 Boone Ave.: A102 Boonesboro, A104 Stoney Brook, B101 Calmes, F106 Winchester.

• Clark County Courthouse basement, 34 S. Main St.: F102 Fairfax, F104 North Winchester.

• Clark County Preschool (Hannah McClure), 30 Beckner St.: E101 McClure, E103 Sunset.

• Clark County Extension Office Annex, 1400 Fortune Drive: C101 Ecton, C104 Wades Mill.


• A101 Becknerville, Mount Zion Christian Church, 3631 Combs Ferry Rd.

• A103 Hampton, Phoenix Academy, 100 Vaught Rd.

• B102 Forest Grove, Providence Pentecostal Church, 7076 Old Boonesboro Rd.

• B103 Garner, Sequoia Village Community Room, 200 Canewood Dr.

• B104 Goodes, Rogers-Parrish Clark County Fire Station 3, 125 New Log Lick Rd.,

• B105 Pinchem, Antioch Christian Church, 601 Muddy Creek Rd.

• D101 Mt. Abbott, Justice Elementary School, 350 Mount Sterling Rd.

• D102 Renick, Strode Station Elementary School, 1750 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

• D104 Victory, Generations Center, 32 Meadow St.

• F101 City Hall, City Hall, 32 Wall St.

• F103 Mt. Vernon, Public Library, 370 S. Burns Ave.

• F105 South Park, Shearer Elementary School, 224 E. Broadway St.