Fiscal Court approves tax rates, confirms new tourism commission member

Published 12:30 pm Thursday, August 31, 2023

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Correction: The original and print version of this article incorrectly stated that the property tax rate would be a percentage and not a fixed number of cents per $100 evaluation. The Sun apologizes for and regrets this error.

The Clark County Fiscal Court meeting of Thursday, Aug. 24,  featured numerous agenda points as would be expected.

A few in particular stood out.

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The Fiscal Court confirmed tax rates on real property, tangible property and watercraft/motor vehicles.

The real property tax rate is 8.1 cents every $100.00 of valuation.

The tangible property tax rate is 10.5 cents per every $100.00 of valuation.

The watercraft/motor vehicles tax rate is 10.5 cents every $100.00 of valuation.

According to Clark County Fiscal Court Order No. 2023-122, “the Clark County Fiscal Court has considered the tax rates, revenue and assessments provided by DLG on August 8, 2023, and at this time deems it appropriate to set the tax rate for the calendar year of 2023 on all property subject to taxation.”

The Court also confirmed the newest member of the Winchester-Clark County Recreational Tourism Convention Commission.

Taylor Kincaid, the 25-year-old granddaughter of the late former Winchester Mayor Gene Kincaid, was appointed to represent the Winchester-Clark County Chamber of Commerce on the commission.

“I live here in Winchester. I work here in Winchester. I love Winchester. I grew up here,” said Kincaid. “I lived in Philadelphia for a couple [of] years, and I moved straight back. I missed it with everything in me. I have a really big passion and I think that passion for our town and our city can be translated to other people.”

Kincaid, the director of marketing at Harkness Edwards Vineyards, first got the attention of the chamber of commerce through her work in helping others.

“My background is in small business and helping them grow and succeed,” Kincaid said. “It’s more [of] a local focus on bringing people into those local businesses.”

She was supported in person by the chamber of commerce’s executive director, Cindy Banks.

“She’s doing a great job. She’s young [and] she’s energetic,” said Banks. “[Harkness Edwards Vineyards] is a great tourism attraction, and she’s very active in trying to get people out there.”

Magistrate Robert Blanton made the initial motion to appoint Kincaid, which Clark County Judge-Executive Les Yates seconded.

“I think it’s always good that young people want to get involved in their community and [are] willing to serve…and be an important part of Winchester,” said Blanton.

Not all were in agreement regarding Kincaid’s nomination.

“I do appreciate you putting your name in the chamber in regards to this,” said Magistrate Dan Konstantopoulos. “[At the] last meeting, I made it very clear that I wanted one of our members to be serving on that board. I think it’s very important.”

Kincaid also responded to questions from several magistrates, including Magistrate Mark Miller.

“I don’t think that there should be other political ties in the tourism [xommission],” she said. “It should just be focused on solely bringing people to Winchester and highlighting all of the great things that Winchester has to offer.”

By a 4-3 vote, Kincaid’s appointment was confirmed.

Yates and Magistrates Blanton, Miller, and Steve Craycraft voted yes.

Magistrates Konstantopoulos, Chris Davis and Ernest Pasley voted no.