Winchester collectibles shop opens new location

Published 11:30 am Wednesday, September 13, 2023

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Growing up in Clark County, James Bowman was always interested in collecting.

However, while his dreams were high, finding a place to do so wasn’t easy.

“We didn’t really have anywhere to go when we were teenagers,” Bowman said.

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Yet, as is often said, necessity is the mother of invention.

Bowman, the majority owner of High Speed Collectibles, recently celebrated a ribbon-cutting ceremony with the Winchester-Clark County Chamber of Commerce at the business’ new location on the corner of Main Street and Broadway Avenue.

Though not present in person, a motorcycle just outside the building with a picture of his late father – the recently deceased Robert William Bowman – also symbolized his presence at the celebration.

“We’re just happy to be a part of the community,” Bowman said. “[We want] to kind of help kids and teenagers and families…[have] a place where they can go to have fun together.”

Along with Bowman, owners of the business include Aaron Bryant, Carson Williams, and McKensey Stevenson.

High Speed Collectibles features several products that can be utilized for personal hobbies and more.

Among them are trading cards from various franchises, including Pokemon, Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Digimon.

While cards come sealed and in sets, shoppers can also purchase individual selections – found under glass display cases – if they wish.

Many cards have been assessed via the Beckett grading system, a well-known company in the industry.

Action figures, including Mewtwo from the previously mentioned Pokemon series, are also for sale.

A wide selection of comic books – including X-Men, The Amazing Spiderman, and Batman – are available.

While they represent Marvel and DC Comics, comics such as Sherlock Holmes can also be found.

The business also sells backpacks and binders that may be utilized for organizational purposes.

While some may notice it for the first time, High Speed Collectibles is familiar to Winchester.

Initially on the third- and later a second-floor office of the McEldowney Building, its current location offers better visibility.

Along with Cindy Banks, the executive director of the Winchester-Clark County Chamber of Commerce, others, such as Winchester First marketing and events Director Cameron Correll were present.

“We’re so excited to see High Speed [Collectibles] move down to [the] ground floor,” Correll said.

While expressing her excitement, she was also there for a particular reason.

High Speed Collectibles was eligible for a Downtown Development Investment Fund, or DDIG Grant, receiving a $7,000 check from Winchester First.

Among other perks, Bowman added that the business can serve individuals of all ages.

“The good part about this is it’s not just geared toward teenagers and kids,” Bowman said. “There’s new and old collectors out there we also pertain to them. Not a lot of other card shops do that.”

With the customer base continuing to grow and more space available, the business – as mentioned on its website – plans to host events such as weekly tournaments and casual play.

For Bowman, the hope is for more as well.

“There’s actually a couple of other businesses that we’re looking at starting,” he said. “I’m trying to focus on downtown.”