Boone’s Creek Baptist Association celebrates bicentennial

Published 12:00 pm Friday, October 6, 2023

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When Boone’s Creek Baptist Association was founded on May 28, 1823, James Monroe still served as the U.S. President.

Few could have envisioned it would still stand firm 200 years later.

On Saturday, Sept. 30, the organization recognized its bicentennial with a celebration from 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Boone’s Creek Baptist Association and Camp at 1306 Trapp Goffs Corner Rd.

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“It is one of the older associations in the state of Kentucky. It’s gone through a lot of changes through the years”, said Larry Braswell, director of missions. “It started out with a few churches a little bit further west of here, and over the years, it’s just evolved.”

The organization currently serves 36 churches in eight different counties.

Of them, Providence Baptist Church in Clark County and Boone’s Creek Baptist Church in Fayette County are considered the two oldest, having been founded in the 1780s.

Clarifying the role of the Boone’s Creek Baptist Association, Braswell asserted that while they didn’t have direct authority over any church, they often served in an advisory or counseling role.

“Every one of our churches is autonomous, but we choose to cooperate together”, he said. “I’m a resource for the churches…if [they] need assistance with training of [their] leadership or if there are struggles going on in the church that need mediation or anything like that, then they can call me.”

Approximately one year ago, anticipating its 200th-year recognition, Boone’s Creek Baptist Association put together a bicentennial celebration community composed of individuals from different churches throughout the organization.

While Saturday’s event was the most significant celebration, it was far from the only.

“Every month, our association meets, and each month, we have been having moments of celebration,” Braswell added.

A full day of celebration on Saturday featured horseback rides, various tailgating games, skating via an indoor gym and more.

After dinner at 5:30 p.m., worship service took place one hour later.

Historically, those who settled the land never had worship service or similar matters far from mind, as noted by current Allansville Baptist Church Pastor Paul Jorgensen.

“A part of settling that area was [they] needed to have a church,” Jorgenson said. “The church historically served as a meeting place. It served as a safe house.”

While much has changed during the last 200 years, several buildings have remained standing, and new additions have strengthened the area.

Among them is the camp created in 1954 to further educate youth.

Yet Jorgensen emphasized that teachings remain the same.

“Our society today looks very different than it did back then, but we’re still proclaiming the same truth,” Jorgenson said.

He and others associated with Boone’s Creek Baptist Association hope to share this message with the community.

“I’m hoping that our community will understand with this celebration that we’ve been here…from the very early days it was settled”, Jorgenson said. ‘The church has been there [since] then, and we’re here now.”