Beshear takes Clark County

Published 6:00 pm Tuesday, November 7, 2023

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In a race that was expected to be tight, Clark Countians mirrored the rest of the commonwealth and voted in favor of Andy Beshear.

The incumbent Democratic was projected as the winner by several media outlets early Tuesday night.

Beshear received 5,938 votes (52%) to Republican challenger Daniel Cameron’s 5,561 votes (48%), a less than 400 vote edge in Clark County.

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Beshear, the son of former two-term Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear, was chosen along with Jacqueline Coleman – a former high school teacher – as Lieutenant Governor. Cameron’s running mate was Robert M. “Robby” Mills, a businessman by trade.

Locally, three unopposed candidates have been chosen as members of the Board of Education. They are Dora Barnett Hall (1,415 votes), Billy Bennett (768 votes), and Ben Dorsey (460 votes). They will be representing the 2nd Educational District, 3rd Educational District, and 4th Educational District, respectively.

In other elections, Republican candidates fared well with Clark County residents. The races for Secretary of State, Attorney General, Auditor of Public Accounts, State Treasurer, and Commissioner of Agriculture went the way of the aforementioned party’s nominee. They were, respectively, Michael Adams, Russell Coleman, Allison Ball, Mark H. Metcalf, and Jonathan Shell. While Adams has served as Secretary of State since 2020, Ball had previously served as State Treasurer beginning in 2015.

The polls are now closed across Kentucky with the race for the Governor’s Mansion between Gov. Andy Beshear and Attorney General Daniel Cameron highlighting a ballot full of constitutional offices up for grabs.

State races

Governor and Lieutenant Governor

Andy Beshear and Jacqueline Coleman (D): 5,938 (52%)

Daniel Cameron and Robert M. “Robby” Mills (R): 5,561 (48%)

Secretary of State

Michael Adams (R): 7,382 (65%)

Charles “Buddy” Wheatley (D): 3,940 (35%)

Attorney General

Russell Coleman (R): 6,979 (62%)

Pamela Stevenson (D): 4,353 (38%)

Auditor of Public Accounts

Allison Ball (R): 7,311 (65%)

Kimberly “Kim” Reeder (D): 3,960 (35%)

State Treasurer

Mark H. Metcalf (R): 6,715 (60%)

Michael Bowman (D): 4,489 (40%)

Commissioner of Agriculture

Jonathan Shell (R): 7,182 (64%)

Sierra J. Enlow (D): 4,067 (36%)