Winchester man arrested on multiple charges

Published 10:07 am Saturday, December 30, 2023

A Winchester man was recently arrested on multiple charges and is at Clark County Detention Center before a court date scheduled for Wednesday, January 3rd, 2024.

Joshua Charles, 36, was arrested just after 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, December 20th, and charged with violating a Kentucky Executive Protection Order and Domestic Violence Order, 4th-degree assault causing minor injury, 2nd-degree domestic violence assault, kidnapping of an adult, 3rd-degree terroristic threatening, and 1st-degree unlawful imprisonment.

On the morning of December 20th, Winchester Police were dispatched to a residence on Stephenson Drive about an assault.

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Before the officers arrived, the caller/occupant advised that Charles had fled to a separate residence with another female.

She stated that Charles – who she has an EPO against – had been at her residence drinking whiskey.

After he became angry with her and another female, who also has an EPO against him, he allegedly began threatening the two with weapons.

Charles allegedly was using a club with screws at the end of it to intimidate both individuals and, at one point, struck the caller and also grabbed and forcibly threw her around the apartment.

She stated that she believed Charles would have caused physical harm to her and the other female if either had attempted to leave and that he sat in a chair-throwing a black and red knife into the floor in an intimidating fashion.

After police went to the separate location, which Charles had fled to with the other female, he was allegedly observed holding the woman in the restroom before she was able to come out to officers.

Upon speaking with them, she stated that Charles held her in the bathroom and forced her to hug him to keep her quiet.

EMS transported her to Clark Regional Medical Center.

According to her testimony, she had gone to the apartment on Stephenson Drive around 10:00 p.m. on December 19th, and Charles drank heavily throughout the night and became very angry.

He had allowed the woman to call her father to meet her at 6:00 a.m. on December 20th, but she stated he allegedly had no intention of letting her leave, stating Charles had told her that he hoped her father would come so that he could cause him physical harm.

She also said that Charles was using a black knife with red glitter to cause intimidation while the two were in his bedroom, allegedly acting like he would stab her.

At some point, he jabbed the knife at her, and when she flinched, the knife stabbed her left knee, after which he stabbed the knee once more.

The woman also stated that Charles allegedly pulled her into the living room to be with the caller/occupant, threatening harm to both of them and allegedly striking her multiple times in the back and left side of her head using the club with screws in it.

She also stated that Charles allegedly told them that if they tried to leave, he would strike them repeatedly with the club to knock them out and forbid them from going.

While the caller/occupant was being threatened, she attempted to run but was grabbed and pulled back into the living room.