Winchester business steps in to clean snowy driveways

Published 3:20 pm Wednesday, January 24, 2024

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The winter storm of January 2024 that blanketed Kentucky threatened to keep workers homebound due to heavy ice and snow.

One business and its employees were determined to keep such from happening.

RM Global Enterprises sent its employees to different homes and other locations throughout Winchester beginning Monday, Jan. 15th, hoping to impact citizens positively.

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“Our crew had gathered at our shop and were cleaning our own driveway and, honestly, everybody just looked at each other and said, ‘What are we going to do the rest of the day?'” said Bobby Roberts, owner of RM Global Enterprises LLC. “Everybody just stepped in and said, ‘Well, let’s go help some people. Let’s go clean some driveways.'”

RM Global is a concrete contractor offering multiple residential and commercial services since 2020.

Among them are excavation and grade work, positive drainage, demolition services, and more.

Acknowledging that the idea was spontaneous, as concrete work would be delayed due to weather conditions, Roberts and his crew – consisting of business partner Rodney Conner, Cedric Guinn, and Kyle Steele – took action.

“We just set out with two snow shovels, two push brooms, and a backpack blower,” Roberts said.

Working throughout different neighborhoods, particularly in the Holiday Hills and Colby Road area and the corner of Maple Street and Boone Avenue, the group ensured that residents of all ages could enter and exit their driveways.

Depending on factors such as location and whether or not salt trucks or other assistance have been utilized, such services – already highly beneficial – can have an even more significant impact.

Using social media, the group made its presence known to others.

“We just took a picture of the driveway we were cleaning, made a post on Facebook, and reached out to see if there were any people out there who knew somebody who could use a hand,” Roberts said. “We had several people reach out through messages and comments.”

The team estimates they cleared approximately 15 driveways when all was said and done.

With little to do for the day, cleaning driveways was not required.

Yet a fruitful attitude prevailed.

“We decided we wanted to give back,” Roberts added.

Asked what he hoped could be learned from his group’s actions, Roberts responded.

“Maybe to inspire others to help when you can”, he said. “It’s fulfilling.”

However, rather than seeking recognition, Roberts acknowledges that such is humbling.

“I’m taken aback a little bit… it’s awesome”, he said. “We didn’t set out for that!”