With Valentine’s Day sales and more, CC’s Closet continues delivering for the community

Published 4:00 pm Friday, February 2, 2024

Located along Taylor Avenue, Clark County Community Services is well known for its charitable efforts. 

However, lesser-known might be the thrift store associated with it. 

CC’s Closet features a Valentine’s Day sale for the upcoming holiday, and continues to shine in more ways than one. 

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“We’ve always tried to create different sales throughout the year to incentivize people coming out,” said Laci Scarboro, the executive director at Clark County Community Services. “We just try to think of anything and everything that [increases] our sales.” 

CC’s Closet accepts gently used clothing, shoes, toys, housewares, home improvement items, and more that are sold to benefit Clark County Community Services – which has provided a number of resources, including food, clothing, shelter, and utility assistance – to Clark County families in need for nearly 50 years. 

In December alone, purchases from CC’s Closet helped buy approximately $7,000 worth of food. 

For the upcoming Valentine’s Day, due to be celebrated on Wednesday, Feb. 14th, 2024, a section of the store showcases numerous themes items such as books, pillows, cups and mugs, ceramics, small tin buckets, cooking utensils, linens, signs, and even a DVD copy of the film “Valentine’s Day.” 

All items are assorted largely through a collection of donated items that the community provides, heavily via the efforts of assistant store manager Savannah Anderson. 

The same is true for sales dedicated to other seasonal or themed dates, such as Christmas. 

“We all sort [the items] into separate tubs, and then, when the seasons come around, we bring them all down,” Scarboro added. “Savannah goes through all the boxes, sorts it, prices everything, and then she [fills] the shelves and decorates. We try to do it that [way] to keep the interest in the store constantly going.” 

Inventory at CC’s Closet is designed to attract people of multiple interests even featuring a sports section that includes memorabilia and equipment of different professional sports teams, such as the MLB’s Cincinnati Reds, Boston Red Sox and Philadelphia Phillies. 

For cashier Anna Mason, who has worked with CC’s Closet for the past eight years, knowing that the money will go to a worthy cause in the community is meaningful. 

“You know where your money’s going. It’s going to help those less fortunate in this community. You don’t have to [think], ‘Oh, wow. I’m not sure where that went,’” Mason said. “I like my customers…we have a pretty good rapport.” 

While donations that benefit Clark County Community Services have been appreciated through the years, Scarboro states that – amidst some current economic struggles due to inflation or other factors – it’s even more recognized. 

“After Operation Happiness and the holidays, this is usually our slow time, so we are especially always trying to think of new ways to have people come out,” she said. “The cost of the food never goes down but people start donating less and shopping less, and that hurts us.” 

Yet both Clark County Community Services and CC’s Closet continue looking for ways to serve the community, with a book fair coming in April, a back-to-school sale planned for August, and more.