Man faces multiple charges for incident at car wash

Published 3:55 pm Thursday, February 8, 2024

Multiple charges have been filed against a Winchester man in connection with events at a local car wash.

Michael Perkins, 49, is charged with 4th degree assault and dating violence with minor injury, as well as first degree strangulation.

According to an official citation, at 5:04 p.m. on Sunday, February 4th, officers of the Winchester Police Department were dispatched to a car wash location on W. Lexington Avenue in reference to an alleged assault, according to the arrest citation.

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The caller had advised dispatch that a subject had hit and pushed her.

She further stated what the subject was wearing: a black jacket, blue jeans with red shoes, and a black backpack.

Upon arrival, the two officers observed a subject, identified as Perkins, matching the physical description.

While advising Perkins about the complaint of an assault, officers observed a scratch and blood on his right ear.

Perkins allegedly stated he had cut himself shaving.

He also claimed that the caller had been standing in the doorway, and he had just “moved her out of the way” and did not assault her.

While one officer stayed with Perkins, another spoke with the caller.

She advised that she and Perkins got into an argument after she caught him talking to other women, acknowledging that she did stand in the doorway and stating that Perkins grabbed her by the neck with her right hand and started punching her with a closed fist using his left hand.

The caller stated she could not breathe for approximately ten seconds and felt dizzy, and had scratches on her forehead, a red nose, a scratch and blood on her finger, and red marks and scratches on the left side of her neck.

She also stated that, while assaulting her, Perkins allegedly stated he would kill her and that if she called the police “he would burn the whole place down.”

She stated that she and Perkins had been “seeing each other” for approximately 1-2 years.

While the caller stated she did not need an ambulance, pictures were taken of her injuries.

After speaking with officers, Perkins was detained in handcuffs and advised his Miranda warning, which he said he understood.

He also stated that he did not assault the caller and alleged that although the caller says they are dating, they are not.

Perkins stated that they have had a sexual relationship in the past but have never dated.

Perkins stated that he was just trying to leave.

When officers noticed a scratch on Perkins’ neck, he said he didn’t know how it got there.

While being transported to Clark County Detention Center, he stated in the back of a patrol vehicle that – among other points – the caller allegedly does things for attention and allegedly smokes “weed.”

Perkins is currently held at Clark County Detention Center on a $3,500 cash bond