Fundraiser for firefighters inspires world record pursuit

Published 6:00 pm Monday, May 6, 2024

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As one of Winchester’s most active community members, Chad Walker has come up with several ideas to benefit Clark County. 

Now, one such idea is looking to make history while promoting a good cause. 

Walker, who co-owns The Engine House Pizza Pub on W. Lexington Avenue, is planning to raise money and awareness toward a pair of firefighter scholarship funds by setting the all-time record for longest distance traveled in an electric golf cart during 24 hours as sanctioned by the renowned Guinness Book of World Records. 

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“Usually, they give out $700-$800 a year,” Walker said. “This year [there’s] going to be two scholarships. We’re trying to raise at least $10,000.” 

The scholarships are associated with the Winchester Local 1807 Firefighters Union. 

The vehicle Walker plans to use, an RXV E-Z-Go Golf Cart with a lithium ion battery, is quite formidable, with the ability to be driven at just under 30 MPH. 

Notably, it also has an inflatable orca – also commonly called a killer whale – placed on its roof. 

Therefore, the vehicle has earned the nickname, The Electric Orca. 

The journey is set to begin on Friday, June 21, at 5:00 p.m, corresponding with Walker’s birthday.

“This is just something fun and it takes place out at the industrial park [near] Corporate and Fortune Drive,” he said. “The idea is that anybody can go onto our website…and click on the donate button. Every dollar goes straight to Local 1807.” 

The website is

Yet that’s not all. 

The opportunity to partake in the unique experience is available to others. 

“Anybody that gives above $100 will basically go into a drawing for the possibility to ride for a portion.” Walker said. “If you kick in 100 bucks, we’ll put your name in a hat [for a draw] and…effectively, anybody can become part of the world record attempt.” 

Winchester Local 1807 Firefighters Union 1807, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, looks toward utilizing the scholarships to benefit others in any field related to emergency services or public service. 

“I think last year we even awarded one to a student who wanted to be a park ranger,” said Winchester Local 1807 Firefighters Union Vice President Tyler Tays, who also noted that Walker and his wife, Jill, have contributed in previous years. “This is going right back to the community for our young adults.” 

Prior to the event, those in Winchester can still count on seeing the so-called Electric Orca. 

“We’ll take it to a bunch of different restaurants. They’ve all volunteered to do fundraisers to help along with it,” Walker said. “We’ll [also] end up having QR codes at the Engine House [that] people can click on [to donate].” 

While Walker’s route has been slightly altered since the original planning stages, which were in development for approximately one year, there’s nevertheless much opportunity for enthusiasm. 

“We’re just seeing what the community will give to start with,” he said. “Hopefully, we’re going to do something like this each year.”