Support being raised for Winchester firefighter’s recovery

Published 11:00 am Friday, June 21, 2024

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First responders are accustomed to quickly providing others with their needs in challenging times. 

Now, one of Winchester’s own is looking for support. 

Logan Crigler, a recent addition to the Winchester Fire Department, is recovering after surgery that followed the revelation of a 1.5-inch brain tumor. 

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“Logan is a fantastic young man. He is a pleasure to be around,” said Winchester Fire Department Chief Chris Whiteley. “[He’s] just truly, truly a good person.” 

Crigler was first assigned to shift duty in December 2023 following a rigorous 14-week recruit class. 

Yet, as stated on, Crigler began feeling dizzy when engaged in multi-level fire hose advancements at the fire training center on May 20 while on duty and assigned to Engine 1. 

Although medics were on hand to provide assistance, Crigler was transported to Clark Regional Medical Center for further evaluation when recovery was not as expected. 

Following a CT scan and MRI, the 1.5-inch brain tumor was revealed. 

With Crigler being a native of northern Kentucky, he was transported to the University of Cincinnati for medical treatment to be closer to family. 

“They did their testing on him…and within 36 hours, he was in a 12-hour surgery,” Whiteley said. “To date, he’s [gone] through ICU. He’s [gone] through a step-down unit. He’s now at Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital, where he continues doing six to seven rehabilitation events daily, some consecutively.” 

While times ahead are uncertain, there is some positive news. 

“The tumor was benign, so it’s non-cancerous,” Whiteley said. 

Shortly, different rehabilitation steps continue. 

“A lot of it’s [going to] be physical therapy [with] psychomotor skills [such as] learning to walk [and] regaining his dexterity,” Whiteley added while noting that grabbing and eating small pieces of food are another example. “He is young at 28 years old, so they’re being very aggressive with his physical therapy.” 

After a few weeks, hopes are for Crigler to move toward outpatient care whether it be rehabilitation, neurology appointments, or other courses of action. 

While Whiteley acknowledged that speculation on recovery time isn’t known, he and the Winchester Fire Department have strong hopes for Crigler. 

“I hope that he comes back and he has a productive career and a productive livelihood [and] a productive life,” he added. “That’s all we all want.” 

Stating that he and the Winchester Fire Department are grateful for the community support received thus far, Whitely also acknowledged that multiple options for assistance are acceptable. 

“If community members, philanthropists, or…anybody has any ideas that they can do, I will ensure that goes to his family,” Whiteley said, noting raising funds via a car show or setting up a booth at the Farmer’s Market as potential choices. “Anything that we can set up or do or [that] any business wants to do to help that family [is appreciated].” 

At the link mentioned above,, individuals can donate financially.