Clark County Fair continues with carnival, motorsports

Published 11:15 am Monday, July 1, 2024

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At the Clark County Fair Grounds at 4980 Ironworks Road, a festive atmosphere continued within the lively environment last week. 

The annual Clark County Fair & Horse Show offered many opportunities that others could explore. 

As could be expected, attendees were able to enjoy a multitude of rides available. 

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Among them were Pirates Revenge, The Scrambler, Giant Slide, Shockwave, Gee Wiz, and Hustler. 

Some – such as a ride allowing others to experience quad bungee jumping – were newer to the fair. 

Others – including the Ferris wheel – were returning classics.

One ride, Rock o’ Plane, offered multiple riders the chance to be taken into the air in enclosed seats that rocked and rolled as the ride rotated. 

“It was a lot of fun,” said Wyatt Bennett, who participated in the ride along with his sister, Emily. “There’s a brake…in the cars, so you’re able to stop it, which helps you get different angles…so it’s like a new ride every single time.” 

“We wanted to come last year….but we didn’t get to,” added Emily Bennett. “What we were looking forward to this year is coming back.” 

They were far from the only family to attend the event. 

Accompanied by a family friend, Stanford native Jeremy Fletcher attended with his wife and child. 

“I like the food. [The] games are good,” he said. “It’s tradition…we like to come out at least one night.” 

The bevy of games available included a water gun race, darts, and others in which you could attempt to knock down objects in order to win one of many different prizes – such as stuffed animals. 

“It takes two or more people, and the first person to pop a balloon wins,” said one carnival worker at the water gun race, who asked to remain anonymous. “We’ve been [traveling] all over the place.” 

Of course, as attendees wandered from one ride or game to the next, much food and drink was worth enjoying. 

The typical carnival fare available included funnel cakes, pork tenderloin, corn dogs, deep-fried Oreos and twinkies, ribbon fries, chicken, lemonade and strawberry lemonade, slushies, various-flavored ice cream, and more. 

The Clark County Cattlemen’s Association was also present. 

“We just bring together a group of volunteers. We serve the public and have a good time doing it,” said Board Member Robyn Hermenitt. “Our staple is ribeye steak sandwiches.” 

Plenty of options other than rides and games were available for those who were looking for an option. 

The week featured numerous motorsports along with Diddly Squat Barnyard Mobile Petting Zoo and the Mark Comley Magic Show. 

As well as the KOI dirt drag race and highly-anticipated power heels derby and demolition derby to end the week, Friday night featured a mud run. 

The latter event allows vehicles to be driven through the mud on a race track. 

Despite some rain creating challenges earlier in the week, Jason Townsend – Motor Sports Chairman for the Clark County Fair Board – spoke highly of it. 

“Tonight, that will actually help,” he stated, noting that competitors came from multiple states. “It’s a crowd favorite, and these guys love to put on a show for the crowd.” 

As with all events, the Clark County Fire Department was present to provide supervision.

“Basically, what we’re here to do is just make sure nothing goes wrong,” said firefighter Dakota Sorrell. “Some of these trucks are high-performance vehicles that can catch fire anytime.” 

Fortunately, as is regularly the case, no significant incidents took place. 

Certainly not least, musical acts could also be enjoyed. 

On Friday night, country singer Sam L. Smith performed, with Jordan Miller as the opening act and playing songs such as “Neon Lights.” 

With June and the Clark County Fair completed, hopes are high for a strong return in 2025. 

“It’s good,” Fletcher added. “We’ve had a good time!”