St. Agatha Academy celebrates 100 years

For 100 years, Saint Agatha Academy has nurtured children both spiritually and academically.

Students, staff and families celebrated the 100th anniversary of their beloved school Tuesday. They began in worship at St. Joseph Catholic Church before moving to the fellowship hall for breakfast and student performances. Students showed their recitation skills, performing poetry and Latin hymns.

Principal Ron Allen said it was a celebration of St. Agatha’s Academy past, present and future.

He said some St. Agatha veterans are now teaching the second generation of school families.

St. Agatha Academy, founded in 1919 by the Sisters of Divine Providence, offers classes from preschool through eighth grade. Each class usually caps at 22 students, and the academy serves less than 200 students total.

Initially, it served as a boarding school as well as a local grade school and high school.

Today, St. Agatha offers a classical education as well as many special classes and extracurricular activities including physical education, Latin, music, band, basketball and more.

During mass, Father Frank Brawner quizzed students about the history of Saint Agatha of Sicily.

He said she was born around 231 and died around 251. Her feast day is celebrated on Feb. 5, which also marks the founding day of St. Agatha Academy.

“(Agatha) had great faith and loyalty to God,” Brawner said.

Brawner went on to ask students why they attend St. Agatha Academy.

“You want to learn stuff but is that the only reason?” he asked.

One person in the audience said St. Agatha also teaches students how to be  Godly people and  productive citizens.

“This is the reason,” Brawner said. “… It is more important that we are friends with God than it is that you are a great scholar.”

Brawner said the name of Saint Agatha lives on because of her faith in God.

St. Agatha Academy will continue to celebrate its 100th anniversary all year, with a concluding celebration on Sept. 20.