Caldwell: Now is great time to travel the Bluegrass state

Spring break may be almost over, but this is still the perfect time to think about getting out and about to explore Kentucky.

Whether it is the last push of spring break or planning ahead for summer, you do not have to travel hundreds or thousands of miles from home to have a good time or learn something new.

“Staycations” have become all the rage in recent years for a host of reasons, but they offer an amazing opportunity to discover many of the wonders we take for granted here in the Bluegrass state.

Kentucky can certainly hold its own when it comes to natural beauty.

We have a tremendous state park system as well as Daniel Boone National Forest and the beauty that is Red River Gorge. We have the Kentucky River, Lake Cumberland, Cumberland Falls and many other lakes, rivers, streams and opportunities to enjoy wildlife and natural resources.

Everyone knows much of what Lexington and Louisville has to offer, but the small communities across Central Kentucky each provide unique attractions that are perfect fits for daytrips.

Clark County is a great place to stop in to visit scenic views like the one Lower Howard’s Creek or to learn more about a Central Kentucky staple of Americana at the Ale-8-One factory. Jessamine County has some unique attractions of its own. Take a solemn walk through Camp Nelson National Cemetery and you can almost feel the presence of those who paid the ultimate price for their country.

If you want to continue the history lesson, there is no better place than at Perryville Battlefield in Boyle County. While you are there, make sure you visit Danville and the unique Dollhouse Museum, as well as the beautiful and historic campus of Centre College.

It is just a short drive from there to Lincoln County where visiting downtown Stanford is like going back in time. With great locally-sourced restaurants and shops, as well as a friendly atmosphere, it is a community that often gets referred to as Mayberry.

These attractions only scratch the surface of some of the amazing things you can do when creating an itinerary in these and other communities here in the Commonwealth.

Spring break may be all but over, but summer is just around the corner.

Nothing is wrong with heading to the beach, the mountains or the big city, but don’t take for granted some of the amazing destinations right here at home in Kentucky.

Michael Caldwell is publisher of The Winchester Sun and Winchester Living magazine. He can be reached at 759-0095 or by email at