Our View: Book program symbolic of never-ending job for educators

Because of recent events, there has been much talk about teachers — what kind of hours they put in, how much they deserve to be paid, pensions and everything in between.

Regardless of opinions about pensions or pay, time and time again, local teachers and administrators make it clear that their job is much more than 176 school days with summers off.

In fact, for the second time in just a week, Clark County Public Schools has displayed just how much effort their employees put in, even in the summer months.

Tuesday, a group of teachers and staff from Conkwright Elementary loaded a crate of books and coolers filled with popsicles before going to visit children in one of the school’s neighborhoods.

Conkwright Principal Julie Bonfield said the new program will continue once a week through July. The idea is to let students know school staff are thinking of them, even in the summer.

In just the first week of the program, 80 books were distributed to students in the Cook and Mutual avenues area. Books were given to students and their siblings in the household.

The books were gathered by the school’s family resource center and a book drive by Educators Rising group at George Rogers Clark High School.

Not only does this program help students continue to build their reading skills throughout the summer, it shows that teachers and administrators are still busy caring for local students even in their “off months.”

These individuals, especially in Clark County, go above and beyond. They deserve praise for taking time out of their summer breaks to continue helping local students. We are eager to see similar program popping up from other local schools.