4-H cooking club goes to school

Special to the Sun

Clark County 4-H Agent Shannon Farrell worked with Clark County Cooking Club leaders Leanna Comer and Leslie Hammer, leaders of beginning cooking and Kayla Walton, volunteer for advanced cooking, to develop an incentive program.

4-Hers meeting the requirements including attending a certain number of cooking club meetings throughout the school year and assisting in service project would be eligible to attend a free trip to learn from and cook with Chef T at The 90’s on the University of Kentucky’s campus.

This idea came after Farrell attended the 4-H agent inservice cooking class with Chef T in 2016 and 2017, which was organized by state 4-H specialist Martha Welch.

On April 19, 20 4-H’ers, three club leaders and a 4-H agent were able to attend this culinary treat.

During the field trip, 4-H’ers not only learned from Tanya Whitehouse, a career professional, but were also able to prepare their own lunches.

4-He’rs made Kentacos (a version of tacos using fresh, local products). Participants made salsa, shredded south farm lettuce/baby greens/microgreens mix, and saw the ingredients put together for green rice.

They learned how to sear Marksbury chicken, Elmwood Stock Farm black bean cookery method, learned grain cooking methods with the rice and how to make a basic vinaigrette for the slaw.

They were taught how to roast cumin-scented South Farm sweet potatoes as a side and how to make homemade cream with JD’s Creamery cream.

The tortillas were from local Tortilleria Ramirez and the cooks grated some Kenny’s Farmhouse cheese for garnish.

The department’s executive director even joined us to emphasize and teach on the importance of local products and food ways and cultures.

Following the meal, Chef T asked the participants if they would choose this meal over Taco Bell.

Of the 24 total participants, 14 raised their hand (50 percent at this age group is quite a success!).

They were also asked who would make one of the recipes at home. All but one person raised their hand.

Other comments that were given by the 4-Hers included: “Chef T was a wonderful host,” “I learned how to properly use a knife” and “absolutely delicious.”