Clark County Public Record

The following property transfers were recorded in the Clark County Clerk’s office Feb. 26-March 5, 2022.
• David Dotson and Tresa Dotson to Randall Scott Daugherty and Jenny Gibson Daugherty, 213
S. Highland St., $159,000.
• England Real Estate LLC to Rebecca A. O’Brien and Ruthann O’Brien, 406 Colby Ridge Blvd.,
• DGS Development LTD to Timmy Lee Harvey and Tamera Lynn Harvey, 510 Wells Road,
• Gary Lee Harper and Britney A. Harper to Andrea Nicole Murray, 23 3rd St., $74,500.
• Cecil B. Keeney and Christopher Thomas Webb to Cecil B. Keeney and Christopher Thomas Webb, 16 Harris Drive, love and affection.
• Mary Elizabeth Neal executor and Mary Frances King estate to Winchester Retirement Place Inc., 320 English Miss Court, $111,375.
• Netta Massey and Michael Massey to Winchester Retirement Place Inc., 518 Rose Mary Drive,
• Cherokee Willoughby and Lauren Ashton Willoughby to Laura Gatson Fulks, 1073 White-Turley Road, $70,000.
• Ronnie McDonald and Marilyn McDonald to Gary Oliphant and Rebecca Jo Oliphant, 3714 Wades Mill Road, $655,000.
• James D. Harrison and Cheryl L. Harrison to Jeffrey Dwayne Becraft and Corey Becraft, 6 Chickadee Lane, $147,500.
• Travis T. Hargett and Savannah L. Hargett to Melisa Lewis, 214 College St., $202,000.
• John Thomas Brewer to Christopher Dale Cook and Hanna Ray Michael, 24 Euclid Ave., $225,000.
• Johnny Moore and Dianna Moore to John Derek Goodman and Kimberly May Goodman, 854 Two Mile Road, $136,100.
• Kendall Scott Parks and Brenda Parks to Jeffrey W. Walling Jr. and Megan Walling, 115 Churchill Drive, $239,000.
• Evelyn Ashley Sorrell to Charles Anderson, 218 Cherokee Drive, $195,000.
• CB Homes Inc. to Zachery Kidd, 405 Pueblo Court, $150,000.
• Betty G. Nelson to Winchester Retirement Place Inc., 526 Rose Mary Drive, $152,000.
• Brian Ramsey and Roger Lee Moore to James Eric Mullins and Amanda R. Mullins, 3145 Becknerville Road, $225,000.
• Ted Kessinger Construction Co. to Terri J. Freudenberger, 215 Ashton Oak Way, $282,500.
• Victoria R. Talbott and Victoria L. Talbott to George E. Talbott, 280 Russell Lane, decree of dissolution.
• Harold Gordon Prather estate to Harold Gordon Prather Jr., Anne K. Prather and Elizabeth P. Rhodes, 310 Debbia Drive, distribution of estate.
• DGS Development LTD to Jason T. Miller and Terri A. Miller, 310 Wells Road, $100,000.
• Rebecca Lynne Whitaker and Eugene Whitaker to Dennis Ray Goolman and Reta Ann Ferrell, 1164 Two Mile Road, $12,000.
• Beulah Townsend and Randall Townsend to Janet Townsend, 118 Old Bottom Road.
• Bruce Templeton and Connie Templeton to Randy Lawrence and Sarith Lawrence, 5573 Van Meter Road, $750,000.
• Blanca C. Cheung to Kerr 1867 LLC, 2 N. Main St.
• Andrea Lee Brandenburg and Joseph Lyn Brandenburg to Sonja Ferrell, 241 S. Highland St., love and affection.
• Robert N. Jones and Patricia L. Jones to Zachary Pritchard, 150 Tower Lane, $69,000.

Marriage Licenses
The following marriage license applications were issued by the Clark County Clerk’s office Feb. 26-March 5, 2022.
• Sharon Kay Banks and Robert Allen Holder, Feb. 28.
• Tina Christine Droll and Michael Wayne Bays, Feb. 28.
• Kaylie Brooke Allman and Cody Grant Baker, March 1.
• Kathryn Beth Tolbert and Charles Michael Justice II, March 4.
• Salena Grace Waller and Bryan Keith Sherington, March 4.
• Summer Alexis Miller and Dylan Steele Langdon, March 4.
• Tina Sheri Lewis and Michael Paul Crawford, March 4.
• Ellen Kaylyann Tucker and Noah Delos Hornbeck, March 4.
• Lakin Desha Castle and Chad Allen Higgins, March 5.
• Samantha Lynn Neace and Bradley Dustin Cash, March 5.