Parks and rec plans maintenance shutdown

If its August, it’s time for the annual maintenance shutdown for College Park Gym.

This year, Winchester-Clark County Parks and Recreation officials are doing things a little differently.

While the pool and natatorium will be closed for the duration of Aug. 3-14, much of the rest of the facility will remain open.

“The exceptions are the track will be closed this weekend,” program director Deborah Jackson said. The following weekend, everything will be closed.

“We have to wax all the wood floors,” Jackson said. “We’re trying to accommodate our patrons by keeping it open as much as possible. We don’t like having it shut down either.”

For the pool, there’s really not another option than to close it completely.

“That’s when we drain it, clean it, paint it and repair the pumps,” she said. “We have to do that once a year.”

Jackson said the maintenance projects are what most pool owners do when they close at the end of the summer. While the natatorium is open year round, it needs maintenance too.

It is always scheduled right before school starts so the lifeguards can participate.

“Our lifeguards are students and they do the majority of the work on the pool,” she said.

Everything is scheduled to be open again Aug. 15.