County offering money for groups picking up litter

County officials are offering a bounty for each bag of litter collected during Community Clean-up Week.

Clark County Solid Waste Coordinator Gary Epperson said the annual event, held in conjunction with Commonwealth Clean-Up Week March 23-30, offers registered civic groups, church groups, or individuals the chance to earn $5 per bag of litter.

“There’s a lot of trash out there,” Epperson said. “The worst thing is cigarette butts. They’re everywhere. They’re hard to pick up.”

Epperson said those who want to participate in the bounty hunt need to sign up in advance. The county will furnish the bags, he said.

Last year only one church group participated, he said.

“We hope people will go out and pick up litter,” he said. “Civic groups, church groups and others can go  out and make a little money for their group and help the community.”

There will also be six separate drawings for a $100 prize.

For more information, call 745-7415 or 737-0303.