Two more charged in ‘revenge’ shooting

Two more people have been charged in connection with an early morning shooting which left the victim in critical condition.

Jacob Hornback, 20, and his girlfriend 21-year-old Heather Nichole Cunningham, were arrested Thursday on warrants charging them with complicity to first-degree assault, Winchester Police Capt. James Hall said.

Police arrested 20-year-old Chase Winings of Lexington for first-degree assault for allegedly shooting 23-year-old Dalton Rogers in his car early Tuesday morning.

Hall said the shooting may be connected to a report of a robbery at a residence on Westwood Drive late Monday night, Hall said. The three said they were out searching for Rogers, who reportedly entered the residence, held a gun to a child’s head and took cash.

Hall said detectives have not been able to interview Rogers yet, who is in critical but stable conditon at the University of Kentucky Medical Center.

Hall said Hornback and Cunningham went to Lexington Monday night, picked up Winings and returned to Winchester to find Rogers.

“They all knew (Winings) was armed with a handgun and they were actively searching for the victim,” Hall said. “Mr. Winings made statements in their presence that he would shoot him.”

Hall said Cunningham was driving with Hornback in the front seat and Winings in the passenger seat early Tuesday morning. They ultimately found Rogers sitting in his car in a parking lot near Lexington Avenue and Arlington Road around 2 a.m. Hall said they pulled alongside, Winings lowered his window and started firing.

According to court documents, Rogers was shot twice and his vehicle was struck seven times by bullets. Rogers was able to drive himself to the Winchester Police Department, while the others fled as well.

Rogers was transported directly to the UK Medical Center with two collapsed lungs a lacerated liver, a bullet lodged near his spine and internal bleeding.

Hall said Hornback was already incarcerated in Fayette County when the assault warrant was served Thursday. Cunningham was also arrested Thursday.

Winings is lodged in the Clark County Detention Center on a $100,000 bond.