Main Street business to put creativity on display

When Sherry Piersol found out the space beneath her loft at 9 S. Main St. was available, she and her husband couldn’t pass up the opportunity to lease it.

“We fell in love with the downtown,” she said.

The timing was perfect, and Piersol said she always wanted a place to display her creativity and give that same chance to others.

As the idea solidified, Piersol settled on a name: Confetti’s on Main, a have-it-all business open for sales, design consultations and event hosting.

“We wanted [the name] to reflect fun and celebration,” Piersol said. “We should celebrate our home, our design, our friends through gifts, events are for friends and family, a name that reflected all of that. We felt like that did it.”

Piersol said she hopes to officially open Confetti’s near the end of August or in early September; however, in the meantime, she will host preview parties in the space to give potential customers a taste of what’s to come.

Once it is open, Piersol said Confetti’s would have a shop with open on Saturdays and the remaining days of the week will be by appointment only; parties can schedule private events at the 2000 sq. ft space any time and day of the week.

Piersol, also an author and designer, said she would be naming an events director soon, who will take the lead on the event concept at Confetti’s.

Piersol said the space is perfect for parties such as anniversaries, wedding showers, baby showers, dinner parties and more. The space can hold up to 50 people inside and including the outdoor courtyard, it could hold up to 75-80 people.

As far as the shopping aspect, Piersol said she plans to sell local products such bath and body products, inspirational books, artisan jewelry, candles, custom-made pillows and drapes, vintage furniture, accessories and more.

“My goal is to find entrepreneurs who could offer their products within the store that fit the look and type of product we are going for,” she said.

She said she also hopes to have a furniture showroom, showcase design work and have cupcakes made to order.

Piersol said she is also interested in carrying consignment items.

“I am still looking for people who carry various products, more jewelry to reclaim wood items, whatever,” Piersol said. “They could see if it’s something I want to carry in the store. I’m always looking for more. I have a pretty good selection right now, but I hope to have a lot more.”

Piersol said she would also carry plants and flowers from custom floral arrangements to faux plants, fresh plants and more.

“It’s exciting because, for one thing, it’s unique,” she said. “It has something for everybody. It’s not a store, but it’s an adventure.”

Another bonus is prices will be affordable, Piersol said.

Piersol said Confetti’s would add to the already growing downtown and it will help highlight how unique downtown can be, hopefully, nudging people to consider investing in the area.

“It will help the economy and showcase how friendly this small town is and how unique it is with creative people and have downtown come alive,” she said. “Confetti’s is going to represent that — bringing life back to downtown living.”