Local business makes ‘FairyTails’ come true

One local business is making sure dogs are finding their “furever” homes.

FairyTails Pet Spaw, located at 6049 Lexington Road, is not only a grooming and boarding facility but it also offers pet adoptions through its rescue program. FairyTails is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday.

Heather Carter, the owner at FairyTails Pet Spaw, said pets come to FairyTails in various ways.

“We network and work closely with many other rescue groups and shelters,” Carter said.

Carter has been in the animal industry for 25+ years, spending most of those years dedicated to helping animals in need. She said FairyTails rescues the majority of its dogs from local shelters.

“Sometimes owners pass away, are moving or pets can no longer stay in their current situation,” she said.

FairyTails has rescued dogs from deplorable hoarding conditions as well as picking up dogs from local shelters that haven’t been claimed.

One dog, Barney, was picked up in Winchester in March. Barney had gone on to the Clark County Animal Shelter, and no one claimed him. FairyTails was able to pull him into its program. “He appeared never to have been professionally groomed, and it was very difficult to get this scared little dude groomed,” Carter said. “But with patience and time, we were able to make him cute and comfortable removing all his matted coat.”

FairyTails then vetted Barney and placed him up for adoption.

“We were ecstatic when a long time client called expressing their interest in possibly adopting him,” Carter said. “They fell in love, their other senior dog Otis bonded with him, and he’s living out his life — FairyTails do come true. Their family continues to use our grooming and boarding, and we have enjoyed watching his progress blossoming into a loving companion.”

Dogs must meet specific criteria for the rescue program.

“We evaluate health and temperament,” Carter said. “We are limited on space, so it just depends on the size and the current amount of animals we have at our facility. We have approved applications for certain types and sizes of dogs on file.”

Once dogs are in the rescue program, FairyTails staff make sure all dogs are thoroughly vetted which includes: all vaccinations, spayed/neutered, wormed, microchipped and groomed. When pets are accepted, after the vet visit, dogs are housed at FairyTails’ facility in private suites.

“They have a fenced in yard and are loved and cared for by our staff,” Carter said.

Afterward, the dogs will have a photo shoot and are placed on FairyTails’ sites to be seen by potential adopters, Carter said.

FairyTails requires an application and adoption fee from potential adopters, ensuring the dogs are going to the best suited forever homes, Carter said.

Jamey Saunders, the adoption coordinator, checks references and helps with fundraising.

“We are an independent rescue, so we get no assistance except through our adoption fees, community support and fundraisers,” Carter said.

FairyTails currently has three dogs available for adoption.

Willow, a female, 2-year-old Neapolitan Mastiff with special needs is available. She is gray/blue and weighs about 117 pounds. According to her adoption advertisement, Willow has weak hindquarters and mild bilateral muscle atrophy which makes it difficult getting up on slick or hard floors. FairyTails recommends adopters who have had experience with large breed dogs and live in a home with adults only.

Sky, an adult female, black and white Beagle mix, is up for adoption. She is medium-size, and is a “sweetheart,” according to her ad.

Sadie Mae, an adult, female chocolate Labrador retriever, is also available for adoption. She is not good with other animals but is good with kids. According to her description, Sadie Mae would do well on a farm, and she is loveable.

“She needs love and someone that is patient working with her on manners,” the description states. “She is not house trained.”

FairyTails has helped hundreds of animals through its program as well as rescuing and fostering for some of its rescue partners over the years, Carter said.

“FairyTails and our staff, have a big heart for animals in need, with a facility like ours, if we are able to give back to our community we would like to,” Carter said. “It’s very rewarding to rescue them, get them healthy and happy and to ultimately place them into their new lives. Many continue to use our grooming and boarding services, which we love, allowing us to be in their lives and watch them flourish and thrive.”