Our View: Support local food banks

In the U.S., one in eight people struggle with hunger.

And, in Kentucky, the rate is higher at one in six people and 20 percent of all children.

Though many do not realize it, thousands of people struggle with hunger in every corner of the state. In every town, every congressional district, every county, every community, there people going hungry.

One critical component to fighting hunger is food banks. This week, Oct. 17-21, is National Food Bank Week celebrates that effort.

National Food Bank Week is an annual recognition of the importance of food banks in the fight against hunger. The recognition also serves as a week-long food drive, shoring up donations to food banks in communities across the U.S.

Around the world, enough food is produced so no one should have to hungry. Yet, globally, 805 million people live with hunger on a daily basis.

Sometimes, it is the people we least expect who are struggling with hunger.

The difference between food security and hunger could be the loss of a job, a sudden emergency, illness or many other factors.

Contributing to local food banks can help provide much-need sustenance for local families.

Locally, food banks are operating through the Family Resource and Youth Service centers at public schools. FRC and YSCs operate backpack programs that send home food for children who might go hungry over the weekend or on holiday breaks.

Many churches operate food banks as well.

The primary food bank location is at Clark County Community Services.

CCCS feeds more than 1,000 families each month through donations and guidance from the God’s Pantry program.

Those served by CCCS include some of the most vulnerable in our community including more than 540 seniors through 360 senior commodity boxes each month and more than 600 children.

The center is located at 30 Taylor Ave. in Winchester and accepts donations of non-perishable food items that are not expired.

Monetary donations can also be made.

Additionally, CCCS operates CC’s Closet, a consignment store that offers merchandise at low-cost. Proceeds from CC’s Closet also help support the center’s mission.

Besides offering donations of items or money, the center is always in need of volunteers. These volunteers can help with sorting donations, handing out commodities and more.

If you are or someone you know needs assistance with food or you would like to support its mission and programs, contact CCCS at 744-5034.