City adding four-way stop signs at Bullion, Crossbrook

Beginning Aug. 7, city officials are adding a four-way stop at the intersection of Bullion Boulevard and Crossbrook Lane.

The Winchester Board of Commissioners approved the change earlier this summer and the date was announced earlier this week.

Winchester Mayor Ed Burtner said there have been several complaints about the intersection, which is at the top of a hill. Bullion Boulevard runs parallel to Bypass Road between Walmart and Kroger.

“The difficulty is mostly for traffic westbound on Crossbrook and looking back on Bullion,” Burtner said. Between the hill, trees and other vegetation, vision can be a challenge, he said.

“Even in the winter, it’s a bit of a problem with the hill and sight distances,” he said.

There’s also nothing to slow traffic on Bullion, he said, which is basically a straight stretch of road with a hill.

There is already a stop sign on Crossbrook Lane, he said, and signs will be added on Bullion.

Burtner said signs will be used to warn motorists of the upcoming change.