Attorneys negotiating possible plea for Lonnie Martin

The Clark County murder trial for Lonnie Martin has been postponed again, but attorneys in the case said they are discussing a possible guilty plea.

Martin, 46, of Stanton, is accused of killing his cousin Joseph B. Martin in 1995, when he fell from a bridge on Washington Street onto the railroad tracks. Joseph Martin was then struck by a train.

Martin was scheduled to face a trial in March, but it was continued Thursday.

Both Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Charles Johnson and Martin’s attorney Valetta Browne said they had been discussing the case.

“I am hopeful we can continue negotiations and hopefully resolve it,” Browne told Clark Circuit Judge Jean Chenault Logue.

Johnson confirmed there had been “extensive conversations” about resolving the case.

Logue scheduled the case for April 9, either to set a trial date or resolve the case.

Lonnie Martin is presently serving a 15-year sentence for first-degree manslaughter and first-degree assault for killing a Clark County woman in 2013. He was sentenced a year ago in Montgomery County for the death of Winchester resident Kyla Kline in July 2013.

Kline was last seen in Winchester July 3, 2013. Police said surveillance video from a Dairy Queen showed Kline getting into Martin’s van. Police also tracked the signal from Kline’s cell phone to a farm in Montgomery County where her body was ultimately found.

Lonnie Martin had long been a suspect in Joseph Martin’s death, but no charged were filed until he was arrested for Kline’s death. Winchester Police detectives interviewed Lonnie Martin and investigated further, which led to the murder charge.

Clark County prosecutors wanted the Montgomery County case to be resolved first, before proceeding with their case.