Our View: Inspiring stories are waiting to be shared

While reporting on crime, corruption, city and county government and more come with the job, ask just about any reporter and they will tell you the best part of the job is telling the good news of the community they work in. Reporters are trained to be researchers and fact-checkers. But most importantly, we’re trained to be storytellers.

That’s where the passion for this career stems — a desire to tell the stories of our neighbors, documenting their triumphs, dreams come true and good deeds for the rest of history.

In Thursday’s edition of The Sun, reporter Lashana Harney shared the story of Clark County resident Judy Singleton. After more than three decades as an educator, nurturing some of the county’s youngest learners as a kindergarten teacher for many of those years, Singleton is finally seeing a long-time dream come to fruition.

As a teacher, she saw many children go through the foster care system, siblings torn apart from one another and students in need of a loving, caring home. In her role as an educator, she likely saw many sleepless nights worrying over the wellbeing of her students, but her impact could only reach so far as a teacher.

She dreamed of using land left by her father to establish a home for children in the foster care system who might be hard to place because of age, siblings or other reasons.

She began turning this vision into a plan in 2011, but many years went by before she was able to solidify anything. Now, thanks to a donation of more than 100 acres of land on Stoner Ephesus Road, Singleton’s dream of caring for “the least of these,” is gaining footing.

In partnership with Sunrise Children’s Services, a faith-based organization providing  services to children in the foster care system, Singleton will be able use her father’s legacy and her passion for helping children to provide new opportunities and a brighter future for likely hundreds of children at Solid Rock Children’s Ranch.

The facility will certainly be a point of pride for our community.

The foundation has been laid, but much work is ahead for Singleton. To learn more about her project, read the full story at winchestersun.com, or to support her efforts, visit sunrise.org.

Singleton’s story proves that determination and perseverance can make all the difference. After nearly a decade of hoping and praying for something to take footing, Singleton could have easily given up. Instead, she pressed on, and her impact will touch untold numbers of lives.

Sharing inspiring stories like these are the best part of the job. We are always on the lookout for more. If you know someone with a story to be told, contact our reporters at news@winchestersun.com.