Meet Your Neighbor: Ivy Jo Boutique opens downtown

Though Kristy Weistroffer is a respiratory therapist, fashion has always been a passion of hers.

She always wanted to own a boutique, and in April 2018, she opened her first location in Morehead, where her daughters were attending Morehead State University.

However, Weistroffer knew she wanted to make it back to her hometown. So when a downtown building became available, she jumped at the opportunity.

Ivy Jo Boutique is open 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday. Items range from $5 to $58 and include accessories, apparel and home décor.

Winchester Sun: How did Ivy Jo Boutique come to be?

Kristy Weistroffer: The owners of (the former Bourbon & Blush Boutique), who are friends of ours, were gracious enough to let us know they had decided to pursue other ventures and would be closing in February, which would make the building available for lease. At this time my husband, David, and I decided to take on opening our second location in the building we originally remodeled and designed.

The Morehead location came about when our oldest daughters expressed needing jobs while attending Morehead State University and a boutique would be perfect as there were not any places for students to shop on campus for trendy clothes.

In April 2018, Ivy Jo Boutique opened its doors as the first boutique in Morehead and will soon be celebrating our one-year anniversary.

Throughout the whole process, we always knew we wanted to open a second location in our hometown. After lots of prayers and learning to put my faith in what is meant to be will be, we received approval on the building and diligently worked nonstop to open only three weeks later.

WS: As an owner, what does your job entail?

KW: Lots of long hours and behind the scenes work. Spending hours upon hours researching vendors for quality and style, completing inventory tracking system, pricing, labels, tagging, steaming, photographs, social media posts, traveling to market for the latest fashion trends, staffing and corresponding schedules are just a few of the things that go into running a boutique. Along with finding ways to be unique…

Really, in the beginning phase of starting your boutique business or any small business most likely, your family gets neglected.

I often spend eight to 10 hours shopping for styles to offer our customers only to learn many items are out of stock or back-ordered, and you must go back to the drawing board.

WS: What does fashion, and owning a boutique, mean to you?

KW: Believe it or not, I have always been very shy and backward. I have never enjoyed being in the spotlight, and to this day, it is very uncomfortable for me. I am very much a people watcher … I think the way people dress can say a lot about them in the sense of personality, self-esteem and overall confidence.

As I have gotten older, I have tried to work on my self-esteem issues and have realized having the right outfit can often help build us up and reduce how hard we are on ourselves.

The fact is when you put something on that makes you feel beautiful, it shows.

Having three daughters, I have always tried to not let them see my struggles but rather teach them to be their own individual with your own style based on your comfort level and what makes them feel confident and beautiful.

Overall, it is teaching our daughters (and sons) that despite how big or small your dreams are, you can achieve anything through hard work, dedication and faith.

As a respiratory therapist, my work is very rewarding by means of playing a role in saving someone’s life or by simply being there to listen and offer comfort during a difficult health situation.

However, working my boutique gives me that same reward. Starting each day by trying to look my best in a cute outfit to help other women find that same feeling of confidence and beauty when they put on that perfect dress or pair of jeans that they feel beautiful in and put a smile on their face.

Both jobs are equally rewarding in their own way. I love how it makes me feel to know I made a difference in someone’s day.

WS: What types of clothing and accessories can patrons expect to find at Ivy Jo Boutique?

KW: We offer our customers a variety of style options for sizes ranging from XS to 3X and fashion levels from modest to young contemporary. Our plan is to eventually extend home décor items to our customers but also new products from other small businesses.

WS: What do you love most about your job?

KW: I enjoy it. I love being here every day and having women come in trusting me to help them choose outfits that make them feel beautiful, no matter what their age, size or fashion style, so I’d like to offer a variety for everybody.

A few things that are extremely important to me as a small business that is family-owned/operated is staying true to my customers by providing a price point that fits all budgets, because regardless of your career status or income level, every woman deserves to feel special and beautiful.

I want every woman to have a shopping experience that is truly judgment free.

Most importantly, as I mentioned before, Ivy Jo Winchester is here because of trusting God’s plan for me and my family.

Therefore, it is my hope I am able to witness His word to even one person shopping in my boutique or simply strolling the downtown businesses who reads our weekly scripture board or hears the song that touches their heart that day. Without Him, nothing is possible.

WS: What do you hope Ivy Jo Boutique brings to the community?

KW: I want the women in Clark County to know no matter what your size, your age, whether you’re a young teenager or a grandma who wants to look cute, we will try our best to have something for all styles … I’m already starting to plan things with (Mason on Main) … We’ve incorporated The Paint Bar upstairs … so we want people to be able to come in, and team up with other businesses as much as possible to build our downtown again.