Letter to the Editor for Aug. 21, 2018

Pleased to meet a friendly businesswoman

I never fail to be surprised and delighted by the people I meet here in Winchester.

I had the pleasure (last week) of meeting Janet, of Janet’s Cobbler Shop at 40 N. Main St. I had been calling trying to find when she was open, and lo and behold, she called me back without me ever leaving a message. I went to her shop, and waited while she was sewing up a strap on a favorite shoe.

Her shop is right out of Dickens, with better equipment. Piles of shoes everywhere, and the smell of leather. We talked about this and that, in the pleasant way that people here have. Janet told me that she had been out for 11 weeks taking care of her 92-year-old mother.

When she was finished, she charged me $3 to fix a shoe that cost $80 to replace, and as I dug in my purse for the change, she said I could owe it to her if I wanted. I had plenty of change but I have to say I was completely charmed by her.

Cobbler shops are nearly a thing of the past and I just wanted to express my appreciation for our unique downtown and the people in it.

Margaret Detjen, Winchester