Parks and Rec to host ‘lazy’ triathlon

Even the laziest of lazy people can complete this triathlon.

Well, it does take some work, Deborah Jackson, director of programming and marketing at Winchester-Clark County Parks and Recreation, said.

WCCPR is hosting the Lazy Man’s Ironman Triathlon throughout March.

Participants can swim, bike and run their way to the finish line with 31 days to do so.

“For all of March, your goal is to complete all of the components, all on your own,” Jackson said.

The swimming portion of the challenge requires participants to swim 2.4 miles. Participants can earn the mileage by swimming laps, water walking or jogging or even via a rowing machine.

The biking portion requires participants to bike 112 miles which they can do by racking up miles in a spin class or by racking up miles on a cardio bike indoors or biking outdoors on their own.

Lastly, participants must complete 26.2 miles of running or walking either on a treadmill, on a track or outdoors.

“It’s not an organized event,” Jackson said. “You just get the paperwork and log every time you swim, ride or run.”

Jackson said the inspiration for the Lazy Man’s Ironman Triathlon comes from her visit to a YMCA in her home state of Iowa. Jackson said the triathlon is also another event to help Wellness Challenge participants.

“We’ve wanted to do it, and we thought it would be a great kick-start for the challenge,” Jackson said.

The Lazy Man’s Ironman Triathlon is open to the entire community; participants do not have to be registered for the Wellness Challenge nor do they have to be WCCPR members, Jackson said. It is also free to register. Triathlon participants can also purchase a T-shirt at the end of March.

“We just want to see how many people can get it done,” Jackson said.