2 charged with animal cruelty for malnourished horses

Two Clark County residents are facing animal cruelty charges after two malnourished and dehydrated horses were found on their property Saturday.

Robert F. Fraichard II and Cynthia Konsella, both of 1455 Irvine Road, were charged Saturday after a veterinarian had to euthanize another horse on the property.

According to court records, authorities from the Clark County Animal Shelter were called to the property Friday concerning two dead horses. At the time, Fraichard said he would get more feed and hay for the horses.

Clark County Deputy Sheriff Bobby Estes said he was called to the property Saturday afternoon to investigate. In the incident report, Estes said he saw three bags of feed but ho hay and the horses in the barn seemed thin.

Adreanna Wills and Byron Roberson from the Clark County Animal Shelter were also called Saturday and found one horse dead in the field and another in critical condition. Water containers in the stalls were empty, and some stalls did not have food containers.

Shelter officials found two partial bags of feed and half a bale of hay for about 22 horses.

The veterinarian said the euthanized horse was malnourished and showed signs of severe dehydration and a heart murmur.

The other horses in the barn showed signs of malnourishment and dehydration as well.

Fraichard told Estes he was having problems with the horses and he was overwhelmed.

The shelter took custody of nine of the 22 horses on the property. The two in the worst condition were hospitalized, and another seven are in the shelter’s care. The remaining 14 are being monitored by shelter staff, according to a post on the shelter’s Facebook page. Five are presently at a foster home.

Fraichard and Konsella are scheduled to be arraigned March 4 in Clark District Court.

In the meantime, the shelter is looking for donations of hay and feed for the horses.