Retirement leads to front-desk gig at Clark Regional

Margie Sidwell knew she was going to be a volunteer before she retired.

In 2006, Sidwell retired from Delta Natural Gas. A month later, she followed her friend Georgeann Poer’s lead and began working as part of the volunteer auxiliary at Clark Regional Medical Center.

“She inspired me volunteering here with her service,” Sidwell said. “I had this in mind when I retired.”

The long-time Clark County resident said she’s worked with other groups through the years, including the Winchester Youth Soccer League, but the CRMC volunteers and the other employees are a special group.

“Working with the ladies in admitting, we have a great relationship,” she said. “They’re like family.”

For four hours a week, Sidwell helps staff the front desk at the hospital and is often the first point of contact people have as they enter the facility.

Sidwell started volunteering in the emergency room putting forms together and checking on patients to see if they needed anything, she said. As technology advanced and forms were digitized, Sidwell was moved to the front desk.

Sidwell, who calls herself a people person, loves it.

“It’s the people I meet every week,” she said. “I get some inspiration from someone I meet every week. We’ll have some people come in for treatment two or three times a week. To see their outlook — they’re still smiling and will banter back and forth with us. Even though their prognosis is not great, they still have a good outlook.”

She has also picked up other duties within the auxiliary, including managing the time sheets for the 45 active volunteers at the hospital.

After a dozen years, Sidwell isn’t planning on going anywhere.

“As long as my health holds, I’ll be here,” she said.