My Favorite Muffin looking for Winchester franchisees

With classic favorites like blueberry and chocolate chip to unique creations such as Key lime, Boston cream pie or pineapple cheesecake, there isn’t a craving that My Favorite Muffin can’t satisfy.

And My Favorite Muffin may be curbing those cravings soon as it is looking for franchisees in the Winchester area.

Brian Evans, franchise development lead at My Favorite Muffin, said My Favorite Muffin is looking to expand throughout Kentucky. He sees Winchester as a critical community for the brand’s growth through franchising as the company currently has one franchise location in Louisville.

My Favorite Muffin has seen more than 20 years of success in Louisville as their only franchisee, Susan Dean, will be celebrating her 20th year in August with the brand.

My Favorite Muffin is looking to bring one to two locations to Winchester which will bring 10-24 new jobs to the market.

The company owns three concepts: Big Apple Bagels, which has about 60 locations across the U.S.; My Favorite Muffin cafes, which have about 17 or more locations across the country; and the newest concept, My Favorite Muffin Gourmet Muffin Bakery, its first and only location is in Louisville.

Evans said while the cafe concept also offers bagels, sandwiches and more in addition to its famed-muffins, the bakery concept focuses solely on gourmet muffins.

“The bakery concept is just focused on the muffins themselves,” Evans said. “So, you’ve got the large sized muffins, and then the mini muffins, up to 100 different flavor options for franchisees.

“It’s a wide range from your standard chocolate chip, blueberry, things like that up to some exotic things like key lime pie, deep dish apple pie. I had a Georgia peach pecan the other day, that’s good. So just a wide range of gourmet muffin options for franchisees to put out for the customers.”

Evans said the single product concept allows potential franchisees to have a lower food cost. Evans said the market, especially in Winchester, needs a muffin business because there’s no competition.

“We’re pretty much the only player,” he said. “So I think it’s a perfect time for us to go with that concept … I did take a look at Winchester a little bit … And I think that town is screaming for a fast casual that’s fresh. All of our products are made from scratch in store. So I think any of our concepts would do well there.”

Evans said he’d love to see about five new locations in the Bluegrass region within the year. Evans said the company is looking for a franchisee who is personable, passionate about the brand and can promote quality customer service.

“Somebody who’s involved locally in the community, wants to be kind of that face of the business and get to know people and provide customers with a with a great quality product,” he said.

Interested franchisees can contact Evans at or go to

“We’re a 25-year-old company with a proven track record,” Evans said. “So you get a lot of support from corporate here … We’ve got a marketing department. We’ve got business consultants who are in the field to help you with day to day operations.

“We have all of the recipes and the contacts with distributors and equipment lists and everything you need to get the store open and running. And I think that now is kind of the right time for this muffin concept. We’ve seen other single product concepts be successful in the last few years, but nobody has done muffin yet. And then at the end of the day, we have a fantastic product.”