Sun welcomes 2019 KPA intern

The Winchester Sun welcomes Nacogdoches “Nac” Miller, 27, of Morehead as this year’s Kentucky Press Association intern.

Miller, a senior at Morehead State University where he studies convergent media with a minor in photography, started his 10-week internship Tuesday and will remain with the Sun staff through July.

Miller said he became interested in journalism after taking a introduction to photojournalism class with his professor and mentor John Flavell at MSU. He said it was the first class that made him realize he could make a career as a journalist and photographer.

“I’d played around with a camera before that,” he said. “But nothing too serious until I got to school. I was interested in it, but never knew I could make a living out of it.”

In addition to his interest in journalism and photography, Miller enjoys hiking, camping and trail running.

Miller said he was instantly impressed with the community’s beautiful architecture when he visited Winchester for the first time.

“I love the architecture,” he said. “I don’t know a lot of technical information about architecture, but I love the town’s beautiful old buildings and to see the work that is happening on them.”

While he is working at The Sun over the summer, Miller said he hopes to hone his skills in writing, photography and storytelling.

“I’m looking forward to developing my writing, getting to know new people and doing more features,” he said. “(I’m excited) to learn how to tell stories from the perspective of people who have lived here and get an understanding of how they see everything.”

Sun editor Whitney Leggett said she is thrilled to have Miller join the staff for the summer.

“Welcoming a new Kentucky Press Association intern is always an exciting time,” Leggett said. “We were happy to be included in the program this year and think Nac will be a great addition to our staff this summer. We are excited to teach him all about Winchester and Clark County, and have him participate in our mission to be the voice of Clark County. I think Nac will do a great job telling the stories of our community with his words and his beautiful photos.”

Throughout the summer Nac will publish two weekly features, including Meet Your Neighbor, which publishes each Thursday. He will partner with Sun reporter Lashana Harney on a summer-long bi-weekly series called “Heart of Clark,” and will also assist with covering local news of all types.

To suggest stories, contact Miller at or by phone at 859-759-0037.